Summit Drive vs Rosewood Avenue?

  1. I just bought both in Amarante, but can't decide which one to keep. I also got them in Pomme and decided to keep the Pomme Rosewood. I didn't really like the Pomme seemed enormous to me. For some reason, the Amarante Summit doesn't seem as big (maybe cuz it's darker). Anyhow, I can't decide which one is the keeper. Any opinions? I'm confused...
  2. Your question is not perfectly clear. Do I understand you correctly that you have the Pomme Rosewood and have purchased both the Amarante Rosewood and Amarante Summit and want to know which Amarante to keep? I would opt for the style variety and keep the Amarante Summit.
  3. Amarante summit!
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear. But yes, I bought Pomme color in both Summit Drive and Rosewood and decided to keep Pomme Rosewood. I bought both styles again in Amarante, and now have to decide which style to keep in Amarante.
  5. Amarante Summit Drive:tup:
  6. Agreed!:tup: