Summit Drive in Amarante

  1. What do you all think of this bag??? I think, Im in love (AGAIN!!!) I would love to hear thoughts....:tup:
  2. I like it but am so scared of all the fingerprints. I have a sunset blvd. and the fingerprints annoy me so much on that small bag. I actually like the summit drive in pomme ALOT better.
  3. Love this bag!! I don't really have a fingerprint issue on this one, but it comes with its own felt cloth anyway. The straps are actually adjustable --- 3 holes to choose from --- and I can put it on my shoulder if I needed my hands free. This is one of two LV bags that my husband actually loves (the other being the Pomme Brentwood) from my collection.

    It took a couple of days to get used to the shape of the bag because it is mainly a hand-held or arm-held bag and I'm used to shoulder bags. But now I'm really lovin' the shape of it!!
  4. Wow, Thanks for the info!! I would LOVE to see a pic!:nuts:
  5. Here are some pics for you --- a bit blurry, but I hope you get the idea!:smile: (The fingerprint smudges you may see on the mirror are actually paw prints from my two kitty cats. They aren't smudges on the bag. LOL)
    Louis Vuitton Amarante Summit Drive 005.jpg Louis Vuitton Amarante Summit Drive 006.jpg Louis Vuitton Amarante Summit Drive 007.jpg
  6. Holy *hit!!! That is just LOVELY! Thank you so much for the visual aid!! Now, the last question! PRICE??
    Its just gorgeous. I hope you carry it and love it!
  7. Here's a couple of better pictures of my Amarante Summit Drive without the paw prints on the mirror :nuts::
    Louis Vuitton Amarante Summit Drive 010.jpg Louis Vuitton Amarante Summit Drive 011.jpg

  8. Thank you!! I totally love it! The price was $1500 USD without tax. I hope you get one, too!!!:smile:
  9. Thats not too bad actually! I thought it was going to be more like $1900!! Thanks again, I appreciate the info!!

  10. You're welcome!!
  11. I don't have it but I love this bag from the pics. I have it on my want list, unfortunately I cannot get to the store to see it IRL.:sad:
  12. Love it, but am worried that it wont look so hot once the handles patina.
  13. I have no comment about the bag itself (do not particularly like or dislike it) but I played around with the Amarante French purse for about 5 minutes straight in the store...first I took the cloth and wiped off all the existing fingerprints and then I was just fiddling around with the wallet. And really, for some reason, I left no finger prints. I returned the wallet to my SA, nice and shiny and fingerprint-less.
  14. i really like the color... but the patina is the only bit i am worried about......
  15. i have one too and i love it the color is beautiful. Did urs come with n extra wiping cloth??? cuz mine didn't