Summit Dr or Priscilla?


Which one do you prefer?

  1. MC Priscilla white

  2. Summit Drive in Amarante

  3. Summit Drive in Perle

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am in love with Priscilla, but now I'm also in love with Summit Drive. Which one should I pick?
    I think the Summit Dr will look lovely in Perle too. I'm not afraid of discoloring / color transfer.

    BTW Ursula is still my all time fav. My conscience is telling me not to get it because it's toooo heavy.
  2. It really is rather heavy looking. One would have to carry it for equal amounts of time on each hand, to make sure the hands lengthen in equal amounts.
  3. Hmm well why don't you get the Summit Dr in Amarante if you like it cause vernis colours are only around for about 6months? And it's such a pretty bag!
  4. I like the Priscilla better...BUT if you're going to one day get an Ursula...then I would say go with the Amarante.
  5. I like the Summit Drive! The dark colour of the amarante really makes it pop!
  6. If you love the Ursula you should get her. Don't let the weight of the bag hold you back. Otherwise you may end up regretting not getting the bag you truely love.
  7. Priscilla vote here.
  8. Amarante!
  9. i like the summit drive!!~ i would have picked the amarante color but then theres that whole deal with fingerprints so i just chose perle.
  10. What a tough decision...get both
  11. It really depends on whether you are planning to own a white MC bag or not.. If you're going to get the Ursula, I'd say get the Summit Drive in Amarante so that you have one in each line. If not, I think the Priscilla (in white) is much prettier not only colour-wise but also shape-wise. I actually voted for the Priscilla :tup:
  12. Priscilla here. Not a fan of the summit, but do love the amarante color.
  13. Oh thats a hard one .. I love both!
  14. I have actually tried on the bag in the boutique. My heart changed from 100% in love to 100% no love as soon as I had to compensate her gravity lol. But then she did look very pretty when I looked at myself in the mirror and I can't stop thinking about her everyday.

    I know I'll regret not getting her, but I'm almost certain that she's just going to sit in my closet looking pretty (I'm not a collector). It's a REALLY tough decision for me. :sweatdrop:
  15. I voted for the summit in amarante. I love the color and style of this bag!!