Summer's coming up and I came up with a (legal) way of making money . . .

  1. I can feed/take care of pets in my building when their owners go on vacation!

    I canNOT believe I didn't think of this before!

    I love animals.

    I have two cats at my parents' house, I know my way around a litter box!
  2. Great idea considering you are an animal lover.
    Congrats and make lots of money!!!
  3. Yay for you! :yes:
  4. Here is another spin, how about also offering to drop by people's homes when they have a pet that is sick and/or needs meds? People who work and have animals at home get very worried and anxious, so having someone drop by, check on the pet, stay for a few minutes and so on I think it would be a great business. Like, if a dog gets spayed, not all owners can stay home from work to take care of them. There have been times in my life when I would have paid dearly for this service!
  5. Cool! Also, I could say I would water the plants!

    I couldn't say I would pick up the mail because it all goes to a p.o. box.
  6. This is a great service! I have a professional Dog Walker who comes in to take Reg out when I'm at work.
  7. That is great news....
    Especially since you love animals so much....
    Enjoy .... and have fun with the animals....
  8. God bless you for offering this service!!! How I wish you were in Southwest VA, LOL! I don't know any of our neighbors and from the looks of them would be hesitant to let them have access to my house, so going out of town is a real problem for me and my DH. He has asked his assistant to watch our cats the last couple of times, but the first time the guy did not do any litterbox cleaning and the second time when we came home there was no water in the kitties' water bowl. We are going out of town for a WEEK in Aug., I have tentatively lined up a girl I know from work who just moved to my neck of the woods (I've known her for years and she's very conscientious) to "babysit" my little angels, but I worry so much!! I hope you get LOTS of work, the service you would be providing is priceless IMO.
  9. I got my first job next weekend! The lady is visiting her brother for Canada Day weekend, and I'm going to be feeding her cat!
  10. Good idea! My cousin actually made a FT business out of it. She grew up w/ every kind of animal imaginable so she does horses & everything!

    Good luck!
  11. My mom has a pet sitting business. She has soooo many clients! She is always busy. She actually became so busy she had to hire one of her friends to help her out. It is a great way to earn some extra $$$ and being around animals is always a joy. I'd do it myself but I have 3 pugs which require all of my attention.