Summer's Almost Here So The Question Is White Bags-Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?


Dona Nobis Pacem
Mar 29, 2007
The burning question tonight :?::?::?: Do you feel you need a white bag for the summer? I love the look of a white bag but I also know how much work it is to keep some of them looking good! Do you have a white bag? Do you want a white bag? Which one? Any tricks or tips for keeping them looking bright???:supacool:

I currently don't own a white bag. I do have a large Soho straw hobo from last year with a white strap and trim. That bag still looks good. I look at a white Ali and get weak in the knees. :girlsigh: The white Ergo hobo looks like a great bag too. OK, tell us your stories!
i dont do white bags

i think they are adorable but then as soon as i think that i think, but how horrible would it be to keep clean and thats the end of my love for it :smile:

ive passed up many a great deal and such just because the bag was white

i just dont have the patience i am ANAL beyond belief with my bags they have to stay pefect for years and there is no way that would happen with a white bag :smile:


In LVoe...
Jan 21, 2007
Memphis, TN
My sole purpose for the past month or so has been to find a nice pure white leather bag (which is a whole lot harder than it seems)!! I'm hoping that I get another PCE invite so that the white Ergo tote can find its way home to me....give me that and a watercolor stripe scarf tied onto it and I will be one happy lady!!


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
I would love a white bag, and love the look, but it just isn't practical, because i'd rather get a neutral color that won't show the dirt so much, and i just hate having a dirty white bag,i had a white bag last year-not coach (kathy van zeeland :sad:) and i was so OCD about it being diry, that i actually bought a little bag of baby wipes to clean it if I thought it had a spot or mark on it... but there was also the time i spilled syrup ALL over it...but that is another story lol


Apr 6, 2007
I have one all white bag. It's not Coach though. It's been pretty easy to care for and I want to get the watermelon slice charm for it this summer.


along for the ride
Apr 9, 2007
Somewhere beyond the sea...
Since it's summer pretty much every day of the year here (sorry don't mean to sound yucky) I don't feel the difference. I don't have any all white, I shy away from them. I'm kinda like Bessie in the sense that my bags have to look like new all the time.


Dec 27, 2006
If I could find the perfect white bag, I would buy one in a heartbeat (this is as a mother of 2 under 5!). I take good care of my bags, but I also know when to put away the nice one and haul out the Timbuk2! :rolleyes:

I think a beautiful white bag can carry you through spring/summer (with a colorful scarf tied around it, maybe?) and then through the winter months too (lovely against a white cashmere t-neck).

The hard part is finding the "perfect" white bag!


Feb 7, 2007
right now I do not own one, but really want one. i'm saving up for a balenciaga first or city.


Nov 30, 2006
Can't do white, it looks like too much upkeep. Beige or tan is the lightest I can go and even that's hard to keep clean.


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
New England
I definitely like white bags, however, i'd be hesitent to get an oversized one. I have a couple of vintage bags from Saks handed down from my mother and they are in surprisingly good condition. I like to carry them with the right outfit and neither are too large. I'm definitely very careful with them though and wouldn't take them anywhere "dangerous". I really love ivory and off white bags though...right now i'm really lusting after the Chloe Quilted Bay in Ivory. mmmmmm


shopping IS my therapist
Feb 20, 2006
i have a white first bbag. When i was at the NM bbag section, I compared my white to the 2007 white, mine was a bit off white compared to the brand new white. I had no idea that my bbag was that 'dirty' until I compared it. Im working on getting it apple gaurd, that is when I find the time.

gluck finding a white bag!


complete bagaholic...
Actually I have never really liked white bags before until the past 2 years or so, fearing that they would get dirty - however I got 2 white bags now - a banana republic one and a Tano one and they have held up wonderfully - I find the key is to spray it with a protectant first - and then afterwards it is much easier to wipe clean!


Sep 8, 2006
I'm not so much into the brilliant white, but love the ivory colour:heart: Totally impractical and you basically have to check it every time it's been used to wipe off any stains, but as long as you protect it with a leather spray and remember what colour you're carrying, you should be ok.. and only wear it with light colours, I've got an Ivory Sienna and learned my lesson with that...still love it to death and will buy ivory again!