SummerBlu One Day Sale 40% Off!!! 3-13-07

  1. Thanks, I'll definitely check this out.
  2. Thanks for the tip!
  3. i think the code for 50% off still works... 50sale

    i tried it yesterday
  4. i've tried both of these codes but nothing is showing up...i am scared to put cc info in and get charged full price...any suggestions?
  5. Code TUESDAY works fine..I just scored the Setela large beige for $387! so much for my purse ban!
  6. thank you..just used code tuesday and worked on sale items too
  7. Very good deal... too bad the Rebecca Minkoff Morning after bag has only one color... Oh boy I should be on a purse ban too... I bought 3 bags in less than a month...
  8. is this for sale items as well?