50% off everything

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  1. I just got an email from and on Sunday only, their entire website is 50% off. In the email it says use code: sunday* so, I don't know if you need to put there * there or not.
  2. Thanks, great post!:yes:
  3. Just bought a C&C top and some havaianas! Thanks!!!:choochoo:

    It is without the "*", if you put an asterisk in there you won't get the discount. So the code is just "sunday". ;)
  4. Yes I got the newsletter too, and the code is:



    Just got some frankie b's and a whole bunch of ella moss and splendid! yaaaah!
  5. hey gals--i just tried to use the code sunday and it didnt anyone else having this problem? do you need to check out completely for it to work? thanks :o)
  6. I think the code was only good yesterday :sad: