SummerBlu - Anyone Else Have Service Issues?

  1. Has anyone else had any issues with SummerBlue? I got a Gustto Setela from them for a great price -- 40% off. I carried it for a day and noticed a hole in the bag. I contacted them and they promptly agreed to an exchange.

    They received the damaged bag on 4/23 -- nearly three weeks ago. I've contact them multiple times (they ignore e-mails and it takes at least 3 days to get a reply!) and have been told they're trying to get a replacement bag from Gustto. I finally asked them for a refund, and was told that they can't give me a refund since they're getting me a replacement. (Though they also tell me that Gustto has never confirmed that they are shipping a replacement bag, so who knows when I will get it.)

    Does anyone else think that 3 weeks is too long to wait for a replacement bag? I even told them I'd take a different color, just to speed up the process. At this point all I want is a refund so I can get the Setela elsewhere, and I can't even get that!!!

    Has anyone else had problems with SummerBlu? If yes, how did you resolve them?
  2. i've had nothing but great experiences with summerblu. it doesn't surprise me that much that it would take a few weeks to resolve a damaged item issue with a vendor - i had a similar issue with another online retailer and a damaged item once, so i think the timeline is pretty standard.

    they should be able to give you a refund, though, unless they've already received the replacement bag from gustto....are you talking to a supervisor/manager? if not, that's what i'd suggest.
  3. I guess what bothers me the most is that they won't give me a refund, but also won't confirm when/if the replacement is on the way. And, when I e-mail them for an update it takes days to respond...

    In the meantime I could've purchased the bag elsewhere!
  4. I had absolutely no problems with their service. And their stuff came quickly.

    I guess if you look at it from their perspective, if they've gone through the trouble to get you a brand new bag, it could be the manufacturer that's giving them the runaround. Since they've already put in the order, they can't back out of it now, so I understand their point of view.

    Just write them back and ask them when you can expect to receive your bag, and that you want a reasonable time frame. If they can't do that, then call your credit card company and get the charge reversed.