Mar 11, 2006
What bags did you guys go with over the winter time?

What do you plan on using this summer?

Also -- was putting away some wool/cashmere scarves (yay, spring is here!) and I noticed I really didn't take care of them at all over the winter. The wool is sticking out in tiny clumps all over the place! It looks awful.


Do you think taking them to the dry cleaners might tighten up the fabric a bit? I'll know better next winter/from now on.
There's this little small gadget that removes the fluffs. It works on battery and when you switch on and brush it against the surface of your sweater, it shaves off the little fluffs and collects them into a small area of the gadget. I just included the link to show you what I mean. I think my husband got his at a drugstore or one of those stores like Target. I guess it's called 'clothes shaver' We use it all the time whenever we see new fluffs forming on our wool sweaters.