Summer with CHANEL

  1. Hello,

    Which CHANEL handbags do you carry when its hot outside? Do you tend to use your more colorful CHANELs or stick to the classic ones?
  2. this will be my first summer with chanel. i'll use my new white with python CC camera bag and my soon to be purchased small white diamond stitch tote.:graucho:
    i'm generally not a white bag kinda girl, so we'll see how it goes....
  3. I love the white CHANEL bags and I'm thinking of getting one as well. For those who have white bags (either e/w or classic flaps), do you take them out at night too? I was thinking if I'm going to be able to wear them at night..
  4. I'll probably wear the beige or black ones. I don't have any colorful chanel bags.
  5. I plan to bring out my two pink Chanels which I do not use in the fall/winter, plus continue with the beige ones.
  6. I think, probably my pink and off white ones ;)
  7. I have some pink and white ones just itching to be used!
  8. White chanel is a must for summer. But I will also bring my blacks. I carry my white classic flap at night. I think it stands out and looks pretty in the dark!
  9. I have my white cambon
  10. I will use my white baby cabas. I didn't carry it often yet and waiting for summer time to come.
  11. I am going to get a silver Cotton Club tote soon. I also will carry my beige and blue bags.
  12. Beige, blue, black and even brown. I don't have white... never been a fan of white bags but I'm trying to cross that bridge.
  13. my white flap for sure! hoping for one of the new red flaps soon.