Summer wallet needed...maybe a Ludlow?


Should I get a Ludlow? And if yes, from which line?

  1. Yes, get a Ludlow from one of the current lines.

  2. No, wait for a Ludlow you truly love.

  3. Yes, Mono.

  4. Yes, Dentelle Silver.

  5. Yes, Epi Ivoire.

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  1. Ok... summer has come and my wardrobe has changed accordingly. Usually I keep my wallets in the inner pocket(s) of my jackets/coats, but now, as I don't wear jackets in summer, I find it increasingly difficult to take my Mono Billfold and my Mono PmP with me every time. I am not the manbag type, and I don't like to put my wallets in the back pockets of my jeans/trousers/shorts.

    So I thought I need a summer wallet, something small and compact, and the wallet that fits this description best is the Ludlow.

    LV currently makes the Ludlow in Mono, Damier Ebene, Dentelle, Vernis, Epi. And I am not sure which one like:

    Mono: is nice and classic, but I wanted something new, fresh, summery and possibly l.e.
    Damier Ebene: I am not a big fan of D.E., especially not with the chocolate interior.
    Dentelle: I always thought I liked this line (in silver), but the Dentelle is so sparkly, maybe even too sparkly for my taste. Dentelle is also so expensive... remember I am a college student and the funds are low at the moment (end of semester).
    Vernis: out of the question, because of colour transfer (Perle) and because Pomme is too femme a colour. Amarante is not yet available here.
    Epi: I am not a big fan of Epi, but Ivoire is a nice colour. It would be my first all leather LV, but I am not in love with Epi Ivoire.

    Now if Lv made the Ludlow in Damier Azur there would be no doubt what kind I'd be buying.
  2. Hmm. Well, you need a wallet, so don't wait! It sounds like the only wallet that you really feel positively about is the go for that? It is a classic piece, so it will always be handy to have around. And when a line comes out that you like better, you can get another one!
  3. That's true... I will see what LV Sbg has to offer next Tuesday.
  4. i would actually say no to the ludlow.
    even though its my favorite wallet, it def is thick like a billfold. not exactly put in your pocket material there.

    for that, i really like the pocket organizer
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] or theporte cartes
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    both available in an array or mono or damier or leathers and the price isn't bad at all. in addition, they are thin and will def fit in a pocket without putting your clothes out of shape!

    good luck summer shopping!
  5. Sounds like you are unsure about all of them...I voted towards waiting for a ludlow that you'll love!
  6. Why not try the portemonnaie plat? It tends to be flatter than the ludlow. I have both and I actually prefer the pp style.
  7. i LOVE my ludlow and you are very right, its PERFECT for summer. its so small and i just carry what i NEED.

    my vote, after looking at all your pros and cons, is the mono. its a classic piece!