Summer vs. Winter

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  1. Hi-

    Yes...this is a first-world problem...but...I have a vintage, black lambskin Jumbo XL that I use in the winter. I am feeling like it looks kind of "heavy" with spring and summer clothes. Do you all change out your bags?

    I would love to get a lighter colored bag for spring, but it is not in the cards right now and I hate to stop using this beautiful bag and start using something that I don't like as much....thoughts?
  2. Yes, I change out my bags from season to season but to me a black lambskin classic can be worn pretty much anytime :smile:
  3. Does your spring/summer bag have to be Chanel? Coz there are a whole lot of cheaper options for spring/summer bags. Chloe makes lovely summery colors for their Marcie and Paraty lines. Balenciaga also has a gazillion light colored options for their City bags.

    If you want to go even cheaper, Tory Burch and Coach makes lovely totes. :smile: