Summer v Winter Bags

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  1. I have seen some of you ladies mention "spring/summer bags" or "fall/winter" bags. I am curious to know if there are certain bags that absolutely do not cross over into other seasons.

    My Coach Haircalf Borough has never been used and is waiting for fall. Other than certain spring colors, do materials or size matter? Would you carry croc, nubuck or suede in the summer or is that strictly winter? Minis more in the summer? I am looking at a Coach croc bag in brown and can't decide if I would use it in the summer. I hate to buy another bag just to "save" for fall.

    Thanks for your advice.
  2. Hmm, personally I don't think I ever save any bags, or materials for a particular season. The only exceptions to that I can think of, is tweed; I just think it looks silly in the summer. And for the color, maybe white-but that's more for a practical reason, because most of the time here the weather's filled with snowy slush and whatnot. So if I wear it, I'll easily get it dirty-but again, that's the only objection. Otherwise, I'd wear suede, croc etc. through all seasons, sure! Just enjoy what you like, when you like it! :smile:
  3. I typically go for lighter colors and materials in the summer. Also a less structured bag. But I don't think there are "rules" at least not now-a-days.
  4. There are no summer versus winter bags for me.... I choose whichever I am in the mood for, and use it for 1-2 weeks, and then switch to another. But I never factor in color/material for the season when making that choice.

    Speaking of croc, I just bought a bronze croc Sophia, and will be using it soon....
  5. I have a cognac croc Carrie and will definitely use it year round.
    As for suede , I don't have any bags in that material but if I did, I would probably only use it fall/winter.
    THAT SAID...
    It's funny that we even think this way at all. If someone actually EVER approached me because they thought my bag was " out of season", I would think they must be somewhat of a nut-case !
  6. I carry what I want. I do agree that I don't carry tweed in the warmer months.
  7. I agree, sheisgi, and, by the way, I wish I wrote your signature line.
  8. I do have colors/materials that I wear for spring/summer or for fall/winter. I live where we have 4 distinct seasons and I love it and I love not wearing the same thing year round. I enjoy putting fall/winter clothes, bags and shoes away and getingt spring/summer out and vice versa. It really helps me not to get tired of things...kind of like getting out Christmas decorations just for the holiday season, if they were out all the time they wouldn't feel as special. JMO :smile:
  9. I tend to wear lighter colors in the spring/summer just because the weather is nicer and it's easier to keep those colors clean compared with our gross slushy winters. But other than that I wear what I want!
  10. The only bag I have put away for fall/winter is my Sadie ocelot because of the heavy fabric which, like a sweater, I wouldn't wear in warmer weather.

    I also agree with lovingmybags that white or really light colored bags would go away in colder weather only because I wouldn't want them dirty or constantly dodging the rain/snow where they would show the messiness more.

    Other than practicality, I worked hard for my money to buy what I got and I wear it when I want to. After four decades, I still have never gotten up out of bed and said to myself, "Gee, I wonder what everyone else wants me to wear today?"
  11. I wear whatever I want, whenever I want.
    I use brown bags year round so I will use my HC Borough anytime of the year, same with brown croc.

    That said, I do like to use my black bags during the winter when I wear more black, and my white bags during the summer when I wear more white or lighter summer clothes. But it's not a rule of mine, just a preference.

    I will use my colored bags anytime of the year.
    Yes, it's true that some bag colors are more "springy", but that doesn't mean other colors can't be used during the spring, or springy colors can't be used year round.
  12. I use what I want when I want regardless of color or material.

    That being said, I live in the South so I have no worries about snow / slush and such. If I did, I would probably do as others and only carry bags I couldn't ruin.

    All my bags are leather (except one) so there's no question about any materials being too 'wintry' for anytime of the year. But, knowing me, even if I had one made of sweater material, if I wanted to carry her in June, I would. I don't really care much what others think of what I carry. IMO, it's not any of their d*mn business.
  13. As many of you have already stated, I use my bags all year around regardless of material or color. That said, I just choose not to carry a lighter color or more delicate material (i.e suede, haircalf) some days depending on the weather so I don't ruin them or get them too dirty, but otherwise, I have worked hard to get me a nice bag and I will use it whenever I want to, no rules for me :yes:
  14. I wishI had too! :lol:. I can't remember where I heard it.
  15. I only change what I wear when it's raining or snowing. Otherwise, I carry what I feel like. Lately though I've been cheating on Coach with LV.