Summer Trunk Neverfull MM Saggy Bottom

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  1. Hello Everyone

    I just received my Neverfull Damier Azur MM from the Summer Trunk collection directly from LV online. Just wondering if anyone has the same bottom as mine. It is droopy as you can see from the photo. Is it supposed to be like this? My GM Damier Ebene Neverfull isn't like this at all.

    Thanks for any info.


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  2. Mine is not sagging like yours. I would return.
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  3. That is strange looking. The canvas looks really shapeless at the bottom and is curved up which highlights that the baby blue stripes on the bottom are a little out of alignment. I would return it and I'm not extremely picky either. Someone else posted a pic of a new mono neverfull mm that was made like this awhile back.
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  4. Thank you. I will have to return it. I called LV and unfortunately, they have no replacement available :sad:
  5. If you can't get another one and truly love it, I wonder if you put something wide in the bottom if it would change the shape more to your liking. I seem to recall I had a Neverfull that initially looked like that.
  6. I’d return it, and I’m NOT picky.
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  7. I would try pushing out the edges from the inside. Looks like it's curving because of where the sides are sewn together (the canvas wants to straighten out at the edges but can't because that's where it was sewn). I'm guessing the canvas might be a bit softer than your DE Neverfull so it bends more easily.
  8. It looks like it was sewn improperly. I'd return it. What a bummer.
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  9. I would return it sad face looks like it was made wrong ugh . Bummer .
  10. My sa told me a while back that the trunk neverfulls the store had, were all made with soft bottom. I don’t know if these neverfull are defective or they changed the design of the bottom of the bag.
  11. What actually bothers me the most is the misalignment of the print. I have already returned it and on the hunt for a better one. Thanks for the responses :smile:
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