summer time purse

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  1. hi everyone!!

    i am new to the purse forum and i was looking for advice on a new purse. i know everyone has diffrent likes for purses but i'd like to hear what anyone has to say. well anyway getting to my point here...i'd like to buy a new purse for summer but i've been putting it off because i cant find anything i really like. i want something colorful and roomy. help me find myself a new flavor of the week pleeeease :smile:

  2. Welcome to tpf. What's your budget, please? And do you mind if the bag's non-leather?
  3. Welcome to the tpf! i can think of a million bags right now, what is your budget?
  4. My budget would roughly be about $100.00 and non leather is definitely fine with me.
  5. What type of prints do you prefer? Do you like tote bags or shoulder bags?


    She's in the UK, I am in Singapore and she shipped a messenger bag to me in just over a week. :smile: Her bags are lovely and very well-made.

  6. hey passerby,
    thanks for all of your wonderful suggestions i found so many that i liked.:drool: now i'm in a new pickle trying to choose. lol i have my credit card burning a hole in my pocket. i have a cruch on the blue corduroy with the sail boats :heart: i also became a member of that website it seems really cool.
  7. NELLYBEAN, Etsy's cool and will suck you in :smile:
  8. i did get sucked in. i bought this cute fabric silk screen thing. i sometimes make my own purses too so im gonna see what i can use it on. although i can hardly sow and mine dont even compare to the ones ive seen on that site.
  9. hey trix that first one is really nice. the color on the bow is one of my favorites :love:

  10. Forget stylists...Passerby, I nominate you as Purse Stylist extraordinaire! :yes: I think you could go into business my dear. :lol:

    C'mon girls... Show of hands. Who'd use Passerby's purse styling service? :okay: