Summer Sunnies PIX

  1. Here are the pics I promised of my new Chanel sunglasses. I will definitely be hanging on to them. Now its just a matter of saving up for the black pair. ;)
    IMAGE_00065.jpg IMAGE_00066.jpg IMAGE_00067.jpg IMAGE_00068.jpg IMAGE_00069.jpg IMAGE_00070.jpg
  2. They are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them!!!!
  3. I love them also!!!!
  4. Great choice! My friend got the the same ones a couple of weeks ago.
  5. i was thinking of getting these, do you by any chance have a picture of you wearing them?
  6. Nope, mine are totally different. They are all black and one piece w/silver CC.s if that makes sence. I'll try real hard to get pics for ya tomorrow:graucho:
  7. Congrats, those are really nice. I :heart: these glasses. I have them in the black and the white ones also:love:
  8. I will try and get some pics taken tonight. :flowers:
  9. love them - so nice!!
  10. Cute!
  11. OOh-I really like those! What style number are they?
  12. Love those glasses ... I tried that exact color combo on and they looked great. Congrats on your sunnies, they're beautiful!
  13. :shame: Where do I find the style number?
  14. I believe they are the 4117-b.
  15. On the inside of one of the arms ;)