Summer sun hair products?

  1. I'm going on summer holiday filled with sun, sea and sand. The worst enemies of my hair!!!! :hysteric:

    Now I know I sould use a UV protective hair product, but I have quite flat and damaged hair thats very veerryyyy straight. So with out product and volume it looks limp and dry. Can anyone reccomend either a hair sun product that has some styling product in it or one thats conditions (so I put it on and put my hair in a bun)?

    Thanks! :supacool:
  2. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I use Matrix Color Smart Protective Luminating system. It protects your hair from UV rays and makes it shiny-which is sort of like conditioning I guess. Well, not really.
  3. Sunsilk 24/7 DeDrizz Creme is excellent when you put it on wet hair and pull it up in a bun. Later in the day when you let your hair down, you will have all kinds of body and volume.

    I also just bought this Herbal Essences Shimmer Spray Gel, it gives all kinds of gorgeous volume and hold, and it has a slight shimmer to it that makes your hair sparkle in a VERY subtle way.

    Both products are availabe at discount chains like Wal Mart and pharmacies.
  4. Both Paul Mitchell and Redken have some great spray in and leave in products w/ UV protection for your hair. I've used them and they work great.