Summer Scarf Wearing ~Yea or Nay

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  1. It is beginning to get rather warm in South Alaska. And the haze the heat caused in my brain took me to wondering about scarves. Tpf has turned me into a real scarf lover/wearer. In fact, I am wearing one today with a horn scarf ring. Just love the scarf rings too. The rings make putting scarves together so easy and less knot wrinkling! Anyway, back to topic, what do you do as a scarf wearer in the summer. Obviously if you are in an air conditioned office, it is not a problem. But what if you are like me, running in and out of shops, sometimes in air conditioning then not. Should I forgo wearing scarves all summer? And what are some looser wearing ideas/photos?
  2. ^^^ I know what you mean Sus, it's a challenge in this heat. I will not be wearing my full size carres during the summer. I am going to be using my pochettes (tied loosely around my neck, pic 1) or mousses (as in pic 2). I may wear my plisses every now and then too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. i'll probably mostly be wearing mine like this, as a semi-turban type thing. not sure how work friendly it is though..

  4. Rose, thanks. I had forgotten about the mousellines; they are cooling just to look at!!

    Annas ~ you look cute that way. I would be laughed at!!
  5. Plisses, my Changeant and my mousseline!!!
  6. love that turban style!
  7. Wear a carre in your hair or as a belt - they can get sticky even in Manchester during the summer months. There is a way of wearing a scarf as a jacket which dresses up an outfit neatly - try that.
  8. Hello girls. i have been lurking in the shadows, reading your scarf threads for the last couple of weeks. Rose, your collection is breathtaking and you wear them so beautifully. In fact all of you look fabulous!!!
    Do you mind if i ask a question? hopefully the answer is no you dont mind, so here goes
    Do you have to have to have quite a long slender neck to wear them? (mine is complete opposite.)
  9. ^^ There are so many ways to tie a scarf to complement both what one is wearing and what looks good around ones neck. Just experiment until you find the techniques that work best for you.
  10. No summer scarves for me, unfortunately. I am so hot natured that anything around my neck in the summer is out. Even with AC the humidity is still lurking.

    Love the idea, ladies look so artistic and beautiful.
  11. Nay! Can't do scarves in the summer. It would make me crazy having to wear anything around my neck in that heat. It can get quite hot here in the summer, and most places aren't air conditioned. I've admired and drooled over the mousselines, but won't buy any for this reason.

    But I'm not too bothered about it. My carrés will get a summer holiday, and by the time fall arrives, they'll be be ready and waiting for me.
  12. I wore a mousseline each day in Las Vegas (where the temp was 100 degrees) but since it was dry heat, the scarf didn't feel too bad. In the humidity of a New Jersey summer, however, I'm not too sure....
  13. Too hot here...for anything other than to dress a pony tail!
  14. twisted into a roll as a headband, twilly as headband, mousse as dinner wrap, small mousse as head kerchief
  15. During the summer, my handbag will be dressed well with pouchettes when the heat is at its highest. Otherwise, I like the mouselline or plisse idea.
    Does anyone wear H cotton scarves regularly??
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