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  1. I received a card in the mail today from Coach for The Summer Sale which boasts up to 40% off select styles, starts 5/27.

    Do they have this sale yearly? What type of items do they generally have on sale?
  2. There is a thread in the Shopping section on this :smile:. But yes, they have it twice a year :smile:.

  3. Just go to the website, sale is up.
  4. Overall, not impressed with the "sale" selection. So they brought back the soft Borough? These were supposedly long gone! Okaaay Coach!! :hrmm:
  5. Just bought two men t-shirts! :P
  6. Reeeaaallllly wanting the stone/exotic Nomad
  7. Get it!! I have the bag and love it ;)
  8. That's the only thing tempting me right now. I'm hoping for a deeper discount as the sale goes on.....:smile:
  9. I saw that! Laughable...I think the outlets had them for a better deal at one point. :rolleyes:
  10. Is that something that could typically happen...the discounts getting bigger? I noticed some 1941 bags that were on normal Coach (i.e. whiplash saddle) are not there at all now (say out of stock if you can find them at all). Perhaps they'll show up - is it normal for things to be added to a SAS as it goes on?
  11. Ok, I ordered it. [emoji51]
  12. I was reading the sas thread in the shopping section and it was mentioned. They also add bags as the sale goes on.
  13. Older style bags may be added, not 1941.
    The soft Borough was out a couple of years ago.
    Bought mine at the Outlet for $149.!!
  14. #14 May 27, 2016
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
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