Summer Sale

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  1. Hi guys

    Was just wondering, when does the summer sale usually start?


    Stefy x
  2. Towards the end of June, I think.
  3. Mid-July.
    Sign up on the website and they will give you advance preview and an extra discount. At least they have with previous sales.
  4. ^^Having said that, I took my Emmy on hols last year and we went on June 30th. So it must have been the end of June last summer.
  5. It's in June. It's usually around 16th.
  6. ^Great, the 15th is my birthday so I can justify buying something in the sale
  7. I'm June 5 so that's my plan too!!
  8. cool so not that far away :biggrin:

    thanx guys
  9. Yes def in June because its around my birthday too:lol:
  10. Is it just on the website? I'm curious if we can get the US stores to pull bags into the US without having to pay the customs charges.
  11. Last year the sale started on 24 June. Should be around the same time this year too!
  12. I am in Germany, does this also mean the Mulberry boutigue in Cologne has a sale end of June? is there any price difference between stores in London and in Cologne? more costly in Cologne?

    anticipating the reply...