Summer Sale (Soldes), Paris 2016

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  2. 40% off dresses, jumpsuits and sandals at Nordstrom. Sale ends Thursday at 9am EST. Click or tap to shop the sale!
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  1. Hello! First time poster here :smile: I am heading to London for a work trip (starting mid July, ending end of August). I have read a little bit about the summer sales in Paris and was hoping to hop on a train over to get some shopping done. I see from a previous thread ( ) that the Hermes sale has ended a couple of days ago, but there doesn't seem to be too much other information floating out there! As this is my first time heading to the Paris summer sales, does anybody have general advice for where/when to shop? Should I be heading to the big department stores over the designer stores? Additionally, does anybody know the sale schedule for other designers? Or should I be calling the direct stores themselves(I'm mainly interested in Prada, Chanel, and maybe even some smaller french boutiques)? Would love any and all input. Very excited for this trip, besides the work, ha!! :smile: Many thanks in advance!!
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  2. I would also like to know about this. I have a friend who's coming to visit me in Canada and I want to know if there's still any good deals to be had
  3. In Paris now. The department stores are full of sales. All designers. Chanel stores have some shoes and some jewelry on sale. The department stores are crazy. I didn't buy anything on sale though.
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  4. Thanks for the update in Paris
  5. Thanks so much! I'll be sure to report back when I'm there as well :smile:
  6. Do you know if louboutin boutique started soldes yet in Europe? Thanks.
  7. Enjoy your time in Paris & let us know if you find anything on "sale"
  8. Do you know if the Louboutin Boutiques started Sales there yet? Thanks.