Summer Sale Part II!

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  1. Ok...I'm officially obsessing now!

    Advice needed from you ladies!

    So with my new found adoration of interior suede, Maria said that two of my three bags I ordered last month can be changed to add suede. I think I'm sticking to fabric for the Ormala, since it'll be an overnight bag...but Lilac suede would look soooo pretty with the Royal and Deep Purple. For my TC M Chiara, my choices are beige or striped tan. Beige seems scary light (I still have suede fear, even though I'm in love!) ... anyone have experience with it? I think I read the striped suede feel coated and not as pettable, is that accurate?

    So moving on to this sale...

    I'm really liking that Olive! I'm seeing a Mini E in it. I wonder if the Lime and Jungle Green would be compatible colors in the braid?? Thoughts?

    Burnt Orange ...want something in this color....but what?? Maybe Salina?

    How silly would it be to get another GIB bag? Can't shake the thought of GIB Mini E with a tricolored braid...esp since Maria thinks they have enough blue suede for a braid... (I'm blaming Duranie for this!)

    She sent me a pic of the bold red...really pretty....I don't have a red bag...hmmm...

    This really is a sickness I think...:P
  2. SK, I had beige suede in a mini chiara bag and it's gorgeous! I wouldn't hesitate to do beige suede again. It's not super light, maybe a tannish shade rather than a light beige if that makes sense. I keep my things all in pouches so don't worry about my linings getting dirty but I don't think it'd get very dirty too quickly.

    Yes, it is a sickness. I'm really wanting to order something but still undecided. I 'should' wait!
  3. Here is Bold Red

  4. Oh...this is totally pushing me to add beige suede!

    I think I was hoping to hear it's awful...don't do it! :graucho:
  5. I know Kuwa...I kept asking MAria if it was bright. I was envisioning something in the chartruse family. She seemed puzzled and said "It's not what I call bright' Then I saw why.

    Ooohhh nice suggestion SillyKitty...I like that combo...this is way toooo hard!
  6. Does anyone have both the Big-O and the Francis? Ignes website lists them as having the same measurements, but wanted to check here. Lionlaw said in her review that the Francis is huge. I'd like a nice laptop bag for the occasional work trip that requires my computer, but I am weary of a very big bag. I have a tendency to stuff my work big bags with as much work stuff as I can. Not because I will necessary need what I am carrying, but because I have this "if it fits, better bring it just in case" mentality.

    The Big-O still looks pretty big to me, but I don't think the Mini-O will fit a laptop with a sleeve.

    Oh, and does the light gray scratch easily or is it pretty durable?
  7. Ooh, pebbled camel chiara was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    (Well, that and a silver and GIB baby millie, a silver and cracked silver Luka, a Double-Tone Bordeaux Francis, an Olive unreinforced sofia with one strap intead of two, and a Light Gray Mini-O). Ok, I seriously need to step away and regain my composure.
  8. Dude...I'm not a red fan, but that red is REALLY pretty!

    ...and for all you tinted chocolate lovers... If you read Nat's inquiry and Maria's response on is now INCLUDED in the sale! (enable enable)
  9. this is your chance, tinted chocolate aspirants!!
  10. AUGH! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    Halp! Temptation... too strong... resolve... weakening... :Push:

    I need to pay a visit to the Mindful thread. *runs away*
  11. When is this sale over?

    And big thanks to those that post what is on twitter, I don't do that & would never know if you didn't share the info here.

  12. Chi-ar-RAH!! Chi-ar-RAH!! :graucho:

    I think am going to do it, with GH!

    Lord help me.
  13. Oh sillykitty, I have the beige suede in a MO & I've had it for awhile, still looks beautiful and new. I do use a purse organizer as well, but didn't at the beginning. Go for it! My opinion is that it holds up wonderfully.
  14. No end yet specified, since techinically I think it's a Pre-Sale Twitter deal LOL
  15. I totally deciphered that myself Irainei....within a nano second...LOL