Summer Sale Part II!

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  1. Now this one we all know Lionlaw's bag...Caramel (Dulce Leche)

  2. Last one Olive...Maria says it is like the tinted leathers wine, etc

  3. Well Euridice....I LOVE the camel...and Maria says it is more structered good for Ormala's, and the more structured models...but still not totallt stiff.

    I would like the camel and/or pair 2 for a two tone...I like the camel, olive, and lime green....
  4. I think camel and olive would make a GREAT combo! Camel body, with an olive naughty bottom and flap perhaps? :biggrin:

    FYI, just finalized my order with Maria...but, I shall leave some suspense as to WHAT the handles are until reveal time *teehee* I will say I did go with a shade of grey... (Sorry E...) LOL
  5. Ok...notes from my chat session w/maria last night...

    1. "Yes, I will include cappuccino in the sale."

    2. "The Olive is soft in a way like the tinted leathers."

    3. "The Lime Green is strudier

    4. The color (Taupe) is one we have in stock which I like and couldn't find anymore.
    It's taupe yet a softer taupe."

    5. "Pebbled Camel is a bit pebbly, like the rose dust, etc."

    6. "Re the Taupe.. I mean the actual leather is softer, the other one was a bit thicker.
    This one is not as smooshy as the tinted brown, etc, yet still quite good for
    destructured bags, ie Emilia.

    7. "Lime green would be perfect for those type bags. (Ormala, ect) If you would have
    asked me for say a Josephine. Emilia, etc. I would say it is better on a structured

    8. The Lime Green is quite smooth in terms of the finish, yet sturdier, similar to camel.

    9. I haven't listed the linings. In fabric we have pretty much all colors available.

    10. (Me. "Is the lime very bright?") I wouldn't say it is very bright.
  6. Wow thanks Irainei!! That is a great recommendation *thinking*.....Do you think I should do a mini, or full size?

    Oohhh can't wait to see your Mini-E!!
  7. I like the pebbled camel as well. I almost got my Cecilia in that last year. It's one of the pebbled leathers with structure. I think it would be perfect in a Francis like pictured or the Ormalas! With olive trim, awesome! Or olive with camel trim. I mean, I would have to see the two colors in person next to each other.

    that lime green looks pretty!

    I think olive has to go on my list of fall colors. I don't think I have a bag in an olive color. Must work on my green collection!
  8. This is toally driving me nuts...Euridice...someone tell me Big O or Mini O?

    I asked Maria about an such beast.....
  9. ROFL...i'm no use because I prefer smaller purses... so I'd say mini-O...besides, maybe it's a nice alternative to the Big-O? (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) LOL
  10. At least we aren't asking Ignacio what kind of O we want anymore :graucho:
  11. No...just expounding on our soft bottoms....hahahahaahahaha
  12. LOL...too funny Irainei...
  13. Darn it, now I want the Pebbled Camel too. There are about 5 different bags that I would get from this sale.

    Must. Be. Strong.
  14. I vote for two tone... twice the leathers for the price! Now as far as which leather ...what about Camel with Champagne... I love both of those....

  15. Yes, yes ~ me too!

    I really want either a MO in this, or a Chiara, or a Virginia.

    Thanks for all the awesome pics! Loving the Lime Green, which of course should never have been named lime green in the first place:P