Summer Sale Part II!

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  1. I wonder if I'm the only one that wants to see the royal purple and the aqua together? That's my vote for the braid!! Mini's a perfect bag, and I don't see why you couldn't just carry another bag for baby stuff. But you want it in a structured leather??
  2. Another vote for aubergine, ice grey and royal purple!
  3. I think I'll be OK with it structured as I was hoping I could get it reinforced anyway to not puddle as much (the puddler that is the Petra gets tiresome when I'm hunting for stuff in it LOL)... Maria says it can be done...sooooooo...we'll see!

    Thanks for the votes so far guys! You guys thought of combinations I didn't even consider! This is harder than I thought...
  4. I think that's a great idea, then, to get the stiffer leather. And why not? It's a lovely design and it's nice to be able to see it more with it not flopping around as much.
  5. Yet another vote for aubergine, ice grey, and royal purple! (Or maybe crinkled light grey patent instead of ice grey?) I like the combination of purple and grey, that should turn out quite pretty!
  6. oh come on, throw some acqua in there!! hee hee
  7. ^^ LOL It's OK E... my friends at work like the acqua too. We'll see, still waiting on the crinkled patent light grey, but if it's anything like the crinkled black patent, I think I may be going with the patent...I don't want to go metallic silver, but I definitely want a bit of sheen/gloss/etc.etc.

    Am I the only one getting something in the sale? :sad: lol
  8. Hi, Irainei! I'm considering something but not quite sure. I'm interested in tinted chocolate but not sure it's included. I want a mini chiara in tinted chocolate. Wonder if the straps can be longer though? Anyway, I was considering a cappucino/taupe patent bottom Virginia but didn't end up liking the colors as much as I thought I would. I really need tinted chocolate! LOL!

    Your bag sounds like it will end up being lovely!
  9. I might still succumb if Tinted Chocolate is included in the sale! Not sure that I could survive the temptation again after holding out during the first part of the summer sale if Tinted Choc is included again... :Push:
  10. Maria sent me some pics (some are in bag form...carmel del leche is LL's) of the Carmel del Leche, Taupe, Olive, and Lime Green...I'm on my way to work but will post later this eve.

    I am still tom between a Ormala and mini Ormala...I have a black nappa Ormala which is gorgeous and my size bag...but thinking the Mini-O may be cute...

    Would you gals do 2 tine or single color?

    Also the camel IS GORGEOUS! Lime green is not what you would think...very pretty!
  11. Why am I not surprised that the lime green is not what we would think! LOL! Can't wait to see these pics when you are able to post them.

    I LOVE two-tone but ironically I have yet to do much of anything two tone. What combos are you thinking?
  12. mmm...has anyone confirmed with Maria about tinted chocolate?

    Two tone Ms. L! All the way! I was so pleased at how my two tone Petra turned out :smile:

    E- I feel the same way... Memories of Black Diamond come to mind LOL
  13. goes Lime Green

  14. Taupe icluded in the sale...but very limited supply

  15. Next up Pebbled camel...:love: