Summer Sale Part II!

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  1. Per Twitter ....GIB is very limited :nuts:
  2. OMG...the pressure is on I can't even think right now....I have a full size Ormala, am wanting to do a Mino-O...but what leather?

    I am driving myself nuts searching for pics of all of the colors the $ isn't that much fmore for a full size, should I get that instead? But the Mini-O looks so cute. Does Ignes make a Midi-o??
  3. Latest Tweet....from Maria...

    "Have been requested to add capuccino, taupe, tinted chocolate, South american ostrich, more suedes...all considered...will reply"

    about 2 hours ago from web
  4. ^ Oh no! Tinted chocolate?! Not good news for me! I just barely survived the temptation with the first part of the sale, not sure if I can survive it again this time... :Push: Thanks for bringing that tweet over, Ms.L!
  5. suedes....gulp!!
  6. I had asked Maria if any of them were new leathers or just re-named. She sent me this reply:

    "The bold red is a limited edition leather I had in stock yet not one in the catalogue, same with the green, the soft silver and soft silver over blue are not in the catalogue yet we have received requests in the past so not new. The lime green and pebbled camel I also have in stock yet not sure if they have been viewed by tPF, would have to send pics. The rest are either on the catalogue or you have seen them, I believe.

    The olive comes from the tannery where all the tinted leathers come. I am still deciding if I want to add other A&W colours yet it’s tough as they won’t be new when the season formally begins and we change the website .

    The caramel is fairly new, another tPF customer ordered a Salina in this, you may have seen it.

    Therefore I thought with the black, purple, olive, blue, etc there was a lot of leathers that are good for the upcoming season.

    Subdued metallics are still “in”, plus adding lots of studs which customers can do for only +$20 if they like the look. Black and red and also animal prints (I have quite a few in stock) are big too. Anyway, I am always happy to help customers select their bag for fall even in the sale so if you (or others) don’t see what you like, just let me know."
  7. OK, does anyone know what the sale terms are - percentage off or whatever? I don't twitter so I apologize if I am a bit behind the power curve.
  8. ^ I don't think it has been announced yet. I have not seen an email. I hate twitter, Facebook and all that stuff w/ a passion, so I'm not in the power curve either!
  9. It is the same as the Summer Sale Part I, only with different leathers, 35% off.
  10. OK gals, help me! I've decided on getting a mini-Emilia, although rather impractical (being that I'm having a kid and all)...I do love it more than the mini-gabby :smile:...Maria sent me this photo of swatches to match aubergine (middle). The braiding will have two colors. From top to right, Ice Grey, Royal purple, Acqua and Pewter. I prefer Ice Grey and Acqua, but what do you guys think (She'll also be sending me a crinkled light grey photo later):


    Also, if anyone is considering Aubergine, it is as structured as Dark Grey...if you have a swatch of that...
  11. Per Twitter:

    Less of the dark patent purple and cracked gold...loving the sale
    Less of the glossy ink blue (still popular), soft silver, soft silver with blue and aubergine -lots of interest as an A&W leather
  12. So, no word yet on the tinted chocolate? Maria, please include the tinted chocolate :whiteflag:
  13. How about 3 colors? Aubergine, Ice grey & Acqua? I think those three look really pretty together.....
  14. Auberine bag with aubergine, royal purple, and ice grey braid. That's my vote. CanNOT wait to pretend carry this beauty!!!
  15. same as no cute, aubergine,royal purple and ice grey