Summer Sale Part II!

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  1. I'll take one of each, please.

    These colors are awesome! And did I read the words tinted olive? Holy cow, I think I'll head on over to the mindful thread.
  2. I have been contemplating a pebbled camel something for ever. Help me!

    Light grey, I'm with you Jred!
  3. From the pics, I think aubergine might be the leather my mini O is made of. :yes:
  4. ...sigh, been plotting a lot

    Narrowed it down to Mini-E or Mini-Gabby...Definitely Aubergine, but I want a two tone look... either soft silver, patent grey or acqua (I know, not a sale color, but Maria said I may be able to do a mix of a sale color with a non sale color).

    What color to go with best? Or other suggestions are welcome too! Keep in mind this needs to be mommy friendly (although, I think that any purse as long as it's not handheld should be fine, right? LOL)
  5. irainei, i think a mini gabby would suit your needs. the detachable shoulder strap makes the bag versatile. you can wear it on your shoulder or on your arm.

    i like the acqua with silver! it'll be so shimmery! heehee

    i'm contemplating two bags myself - a forest green mini chiara with gold hw and an aubergine mini-ormala with gold hw, the old stud placement, and shorten handles. what lining would look best with these two combos?
  6. ^^ PINK! :biggrin: with the green it'd look like a watermelon...(I'm currently obsessed with the whole watermelon thing, forgive me LOL)

    Ugh, I keep trying to tell myself that the Luisa is too small, but I keep going back to it. I know it's too small. I know it's too small...
  7. Colors are awesome. I think I am sitting this one out though. I still have three other bags on order from the last sale. I will just drool over everyone's creations.
  8. What is the soft black like? Is it the same black that was included in the last sale? I have had my eye on the crackled black, but I doubt that is it.
  9. From Twitter:

    In just a bit the sale part II preview ("Create your own bag"): announced here first, taking orders from today!

    (grr, that was 4 hours ago...come onnnnn...LOL)
  10. Oh Crap...I thought I had all weekend to it's cash-out time already. Not even enough time to throw up a quick auction to make some cash...LOL
  11. Nothign for me this time. I'm actually (even with a referral discount in place) going to try to wait until January. Ya all laugh at me.
  12. I'm laughing NC...and I'm setting my stopwatch to see exactly how long it takes you to order...hahhahaahahahha
  13. I know. I have a sickness. My friends on Facebook, who I seldom visit but do offer frequent Ignes links, are starting to
  14. WWYD? (what would you do?)

    Cappucino Virginia with naughty patent taupe bottom OR
    Tinted chocolate mini emilia (if TC is allowed in sale!) OR
    a dark brown Virginia???

    I need a dark brown bag and have a dark grey Virginia on the way. Those that own the Mini Emilia, does the strap slip? I have problems with straps slipping. (Examples: Coach Carly, BE TMA wide shoulder strap...) My HH Havana hobo with the narrow shoulder strap does not slip at all!

    So give me some opinions please!! XOXOXOX!!!
  15. tinted choc miniemilia with round handle! a beauty, and no problems of slipping!