Summer sale coming up

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  1. I'd LOVE a medium Lily, or perhaps one of the larger bags like the Mulberry double zip...I'm not sure, my style is changing and I'm falling in love with other bags from Anya Hindmarch and Balenciaga but for now the medium Lily would be fab in ballet pink, the only issue being financial given I am travelling a fair bit this summer...
  2. What's going to come first .... Summer sale or new lines ??
  3. See new coming soon section
  4. It won't be in the sale (though it am hoping that it may get caught up if some sellers have a % off everything) but I think I NEED a black lily with nickel hardware. I never loved the lily before, but I've become a little obsessed... (And if anyone sees one on sale, could they pm me please???)
  5. Hi I sent you a pm with the info. Were they able to help you?
  6. What does everyone think of the new pink color? It's beautiful on the Willow and the Lily. Is it popular in the UK? I thought about it when I purchased my taupe Willow but the SA said to wait because of the upcoming sale. No money for that!
  7. Thanks for your opinion and I will pass it on. I did tell her to wait for the sale and decide. I also told her while visiting my daughter to stop by and try on the bag and see how it feels wearing it. Since she travels a lot it may be a good cross body for her.
  8. Does that mean the taupe willow won't be in sale?
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