Summer sale coming up

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  1. The Cabazon, CA outlet. They sent an email with a bag I wanted drastically reduced and a coupon for $100 off the entire purchase. Will do a reveal later, it arrived while I was on vacation and I just got home yesterday so I haven't had time to post the picks.
  2. Is there a way I can get on the Cabazon outlet email address? I live in the CA Bay Area, maybe, they will to charge send! PM Me!
  3. I'm new to mulberry so haven't really got a clue what's likely to be sale or not lol does anyone know if the bright coloured dorset totes will go into sale?

    Thank you
  4. Elvis,
    What is tour opinion of the small Del Rey worn by someone tall? My daughter's good friend is 5'11" and she is considering one. My daughter referred her question to me but I have no idea. Her concern is the bag looking much too small on her. Any thoughts?
  5. Do you think the Effie tote in black will go in the sale?
  6. I think this sale in June is a complete new ball game. Who knows what will be in the sale and at what percentage discount.
  7. It will be interesting to see what happens in the sale in light of the recent developments. I didn't buy anything in the December sale and I suspect that I won't be buying in the summer sale, although I will have a look.
  8. I wonder if anybody is buying anything at all (non classic) at full price from stores right now - while we wait to see what the summer sales bring!!

    it is probably quite dull being a Mulberry SA just now ;)
  9. It's probably been quite dull being a Mulberry SA for several months now. I think the skyrocketing prices have scared off most of the loyal customers.
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    Hi everyone! The San Francisco store is having a Private Sale starting May 20th. I got a chance to preview and get "first dibs" on upcoming sale items. I inquired about the bayswater, alexa and effie tote and the seasonal colors are going on sale at 30% off. The suffolk will be 50% off. However, the lily and medium lily will not be on sale.

    Btw, I'm a new TPF member but have been familiar with the forum for the past few years. I thought I'd share this bit of news to those in California who might be interested :biggrin:
  11. I work in the Canary Wharf and I don't think I have seen one current season bag.... Unless there were oak bays as I wouldn't be able to tell

    I spot the following regularly

    Bays, Mitzys, Effie, Del Rey, Lexis, Daria - that latter two less and less more recently

    Seen the odd one or two Lilly's, one Willow and a Hettie.
  12. you're right - whenever i walk past Mulberry concessions or stores they look empty!! the only people in there usually are tourists.

    i'm hoping to find the small Del Rey (for my boyfriend's mum) in white in the sale, genuinely can't believe it's £1.1k right now!!
  13. Sorry didnt see this....I don't think it will look too's not like a mini alexa which looks like a dolls bag on me and I'm not is a nice In between size smaller than an alexa or,bays or del ray ....I'm sure it would look great on her
  14. I didnt think there would be great reductions apart from unpopular styles...I,have also heard,Suffolk will be half price and primrose 40% off great for those who like them....the tassel bags a few seasons ago were also half price most of us hated them but some people love them and they seem to sell well second hand so it's horses for courses!!
  15. I would love to get a mulberry but my wallet is a bare right now lol. Just got a burberry bag last week and i made a pact to not buy a bag until 2015 so I gotta keep my promise. This is sad.:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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