Summer sale coming up

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  1. Does anyone know if the midnight del rey will be in the sale? I'm eyeing it up..
  2. I really, really want a medium lily in a dark colour like midnight blue or black!
  3. Unlikely black never goes in the sale unless a style is being discontinued....I think they might treat midnight like slate and deem it to be a carried over guess for the sale is 40tp50% off styles that haven't sold like primrose etc...only 4 of those on website currently
  4. Will the Willow go into sale at all?

  5. Some seasonal colors went last sale so I wouldn't rule it out this time around.
  6. Ooh - maybe a Primrose or Suffolk. Not sure I could carry a Suffolk off without looking old though. I wonder if a black grainy calf Primrose will make it to the sale....and maybe a nice Pembridge bayswater.
    I'd love to see any pics of a Primrose which has been used a lot - I wonder how it would look once it starts to sag- if it does sag.

  7. Awww.. Wouldn't mind any colour really, I have a normal Lily in deer brown, I think a medium Lily would get a lot more use being bigger.
  8. Medium lily is a super bag ....I have it in deer brown and adore it...if I had money I'd have loads of the medium much more useable than the small....I have 4 of those but wish I'd waited for the medium size!! I. Would love a red one
  9. Or a grey one...not so keen on black as I have too many black bags...the midnight is lovely but looks too much like black as well
  10. I would love a medium Lily too... But it doesn't come in fun colors like the regular Lily. I would love a medium Lily in an eye-popping color like raspberry or emerald.
  11. Agree wouldn't mind an emerald either
  12. I'd love something green too, or red - going to wait and see what I fall in love with when I see it
  13. I saw the emerald lily the other day near my office and now I'm a bit sad. I was so excited to see it but then quickly realised that I don't like this colour any more. It looked like green rubber. I've been wanting this since Xmas. I've seen it in store but seeing it outside in the daylight was so different 😢
  14. I saw it and loved it as it is darker green than the emerald bags I have so wont duplicate...I adore it...gods job we are all different eh
  15. I love the emerald colour - I wish it came in a more small accessories and a more durable leather.
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