Summer sale coming up

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  1. With the summer sale coming up I thought it would be interesting to hear what you're all planning to buy and what you're on the look out for. :smile:

    I also think it would be interesting to hear how much the prices have to say this time around.

    What are you all tempted by at the moment? :graucho:
  2. I would love an black ostrich willow clutch and the red Primrose, but at the current prices would need at least 50%+ off to be able to justify getting them
  3. There really isn't a lot I like these or midnight are the only colours I like and the only styles are medium lily alexa bays and small del ray ....but I really don't need any more bays or alexa...and I have one medium lily and one small del ray so unless the reductions are mega I won't be partaking
  4. When is the sale
  5. That should read Suffolk not Primrose would help if I knew the name of the bag...:P
  6. Like Elvis says, there isn't much I like at the moment. I'd consider the bluebell Lily or a black with nickel Lily, but I doubt the latter would be in the sale. At the current prices, would need to be at least 40-50% off. I can dream, can't I??
  7. I didn't think I wanted another Mulberry but I want a casual tote in a bright colour, so maybe a Dorset if the price is right.
  8. Better prices at the outlet as the new ones are so much more...there are some in stock now from the latest listing
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I've been avoiding Bicester as I know I won't leave with just one thing. :biggrin: But a trip seems to be in order...
  10. Does the sale include mulberry website? I'm also interested to know when the sale is going to start?
  11. I just got myself a pre loved black trout (no reveal due to windows 8 photo fail).
    This is my hg bag and I'm so in love. Some of my others bags seem superfluous now and will go.
    There's nothing from the latest batch that seems to come anywhere close, so I can't see myself bothering.
  12. I would love another Primrose. I have the deer brown and it's my favourite bag. Wish more colours were available.
  13. I would love pickle green lexie at 60% off !!
  14. I would love one of those wide stripe bays. I haven't seen any irl though, I'd need to see how hard wearing the leather is - I don't want any more large bags to baby, as I never use them unless they are a bit more bomb proof.
  15. The shrunken calf Bayswater in either colour or the striped Bays. They really would have to have a huge discount though.
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