Summer Reveal - NY Scarves and BAGS *update p. 20*

  1. Thank you, Britabroad! Sorry that i am not sure which tenures you are referring to. Perhaps a picture?

    My ex libris is a long cashmere stole. I was so taken by its color and purchased it in a heartbeat in NYC. :smile:
  2. Congrats! You have an amazing scarf collection and the constance is stunning!!
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    Absolutely love the color satruation of you Constance bag. Congratulations!!!! Love you entire collection of bags. The Carres are simply fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to post pics. I can be an exhauting task of love.
  4. Congrats!!!!
  5. Wow! Your collection is fantastic!! And congratulations on your Constance!
  6. Beautiful collection! :heart: it!

    It's Folklore in 90 cm cahsmere/silk, issued last winter.
  7. Thank you for sharing all your goodies. Everything is beautiful. Congrats and enjoy
  8. :hugs: Thank you so much for checking out this thread and also your kind comments. :smile:
  9. I was really exhausted last night trying to fix the pictures. But nothing beats the joy of being able to share the goodies with my fellow H lovers like you, sassygee. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and I LOVE THE TEXT COLOR. :biggrin: XOXO.
  10. My dear highlighting!!!:sunshine::party::ty::ty::ty: thanks so much for the info. Its Folklore indeed. :biggrin:
  11. Sorry hermesdaisuki, my bad, typo - I meant tenues, as in Couvertures et Tenues. The one above your gorgeous pink ex libris stole that has me smitten...

    Absolutely beautiful collection, thank you so much for posting!
  12. Oh I see. I don't have the tag anymore, but there are Tosca, Mykonos and Noir colors presented on this shawl. HTH. :smile:
  13. hermesdaisuki, how could I miss you fab reveals before?! I just went through all you reveals, so impressed! love all of them (bags, scarves, shoes...)
  14. Fabulous scarf collection and your darling Constance family is adorable. The blue paon is breathtakingly beautiful.
  15. oh my dear heavenplay, you are such a sweetheart:heart:. thank you for validating my choices. :hugs: