Summer Reveal - NY Scarves and BAGS *update p. 20*

  1. Having trouble loading some pictures...let me first load those ok ones...
    image-2583562433.jpg image-3008343446.jpg image-342198358.jpg image-1174742006.jpg image-3801664603.jpg
  2. Continuing....
    image-2896941126.jpg image-620221843.jpg image-3188427325.jpg image-3036781675.jpg image-2886484535.jpg image-2819534399.jpg image-249879313.jpg
  3. They're pieces of art! They should be hanging on your wall and not in boxes :smile:
  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us your collection. They are indeed precious and I love your Orange warehouse !!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to share!
  6. More...sorry about the picture is getting darker here and if I turn the lights on, the color changes to an odd shade. Hope you guys can still see the design.:smile:
    image-596378299.jpg image-4180726905.jpg image-2001995488.jpg image-927578239.jpg image-2670051260.jpg image-3447572352.jpg image-487771430.jpg image-2867116606.jpg image-3013067282.jpg image-4178551416.jpg
  7. You have some very beautiful scarves. What a lovely collection!
  8. love it . love it, can't wait to see more.....
  9. Totally absolutely fantabulous Hermesdaisuki...UGH you have a few here that are on my list of "missed beauties"!!! Oh my goodness this is fabulous so far!!!
  10. I still can't load some of them. These seemed to be okay after re-sizing...fingers crossed!!!:wondering
    sf1.jpg sf2mk.jpg sf3.jpg sf4.jpg
  11. Unbelievable collection! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I still am a Hermes scarf virgin so really love looking at your great collection. It's inspiring me to get my very first one! hehe...
  12. Thank you so very much everyone for taking your time and checking out this thread.:hugs:

    Your kind and sweet comments really made my day!!:heart::hbeat::love:

    I am really sorry to keep everyone waiting. I am just having some trouble loading my other scarf and shawl pictures...I think there are some problems with the picture files...shall I just reveal the bag first?? That picture seems to be going thru just fine...ah..but am I ruining the fun here by doing that?:sweatdrop:
  13. what an amazing reveal so far!! your silk collection is so rich with great variety, i am in :heart: with so many of those patterns!! and that stack of orange :love: can't wait to see more! :snack:
  14. Bring her on doll!!!!! Cant wait to see more!:hugs::smooch:
  15. Beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see more.