Summer Reveal - NY Scarves and BAGS *update p. 20*

Jun 10, 2008
By admiring many other dear tpfers' scarf threads, I finally decided to share with everyone my humble collection of flat scarves and shawls. I always thought I was more of a plisse girl than flat scarf girl, but by taking photos just now, I just realized that I had collected quite a few nice flat scarves as well over the years. :biggrin: What a pleasant surprise!!

For all the bag lovers out there, I will share a very pretty bag (at least in my eyes haha) at the end of the reveal. It is not a b/k, but it is such a lovely bag in a very beautiful color. Stay tuned if you are curious!! :smile:

Alright, anyone is around for this reveal? Here is the group shot!!!:biggrin: ( Bag box is on top of the tower)


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Feb 19, 2012
I am here!
And funnily went through my collection of scarves today, looking ofr one particular one.
And decided, that one day, when I have the time and inspiration, I will take pics of them all and also post it, since it is such a pleasure of seeing others´ collections!
So...THANK YOU, ahead of the curve, for sharing!