Summer Reveal - NY Scarves and BAGS *update p. 20*

  1. By admiring many other dear tpfers' scarf threads, I finally decided to share with everyone my humble collection of flat scarves and shawls. I always thought I was more of a plisse girl than flat scarf girl, but by taking photos just now, I just realized that I had collected quite a few nice flat scarves as well over the years. :biggrin: What a pleasant surprise!!

    For all the bag lovers out there, I will share a very pretty bag (at least in my eyes haha) at the end of the reveal. It is not a b/k, but it is such a lovely bag in a very beautiful color. Stay tuned if you are curious!! :smile:

    Alright, anyone is around for this reveal? Here is the group shot!!!:biggrin: ( Bag box is on top of the tower)
  2. I'm here!!!!
  3. Me too
  4. Wow I am ready
  5. I am here!
    And funnily went through my collection of scarves today, looking ofr one particular one.
    And decided, that one day, when I have the time and inspiration, I will take pics of them all and also post it, since it is such a pleasure of seeing others´ collections!
    So...THANK YOU, ahead of the curve, for sharing!
  6. I'm ready! Can't wait!
  7. i'm here!!!
  8. Here!!
  9. here!
  10. Show us!!!
  11. I'm here, too!
  12. Here too!
  13. ooohhhh.. i love your reveals hermesdaisuki!!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  14. That is one impressive orange tower! Can't wait to see!
  15. I'm here.