Summer rerun: Tink's beach/pool set ;) ~PIC!~

  1. How could I not take these to the pool or beach, as asked in another thread....


    The towels are: blue monogram and cherry blossom...just a couple of my towels :beach:
  2. Oh Tink you have some of the most amazing stuff! I always enjoy looking at your pics!
  3. Oooh, tink, where did you get those towels??
  4. Lol I never could. Love them though!
  5. jealoussss so pretty :biggrin:
  6. What a great set! I especially love the sandals.
  7. Love the set! Pretty hat too! :beach:
  8. That's perfect for the pool/beach. Flaunt it is what I say!!
  9. Well... when you put it that way!!! It does look nice together!!!
  10. Adorable!!!
  11. The blue towel was part of last year's cruise collection. The cherry blossom was Japan exclusive 2002 cruise collection (or maybe 2001...but I think 2002).
  12. that is THE perfect beach set :smile:
  13. Love it. Looks like an LV ad/store front.
  14. Love the towels, and bag, and ... well, everything!
  15. I adore the beach towels.