Summer RAOK?

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  1. Are there still plans to do one for the summer? I missed out on the first one and so looking forward to the next one!

    I thought I remember reading another one would start in June... (If it is being discussed elsewhere, I apologize for the new post (and please direct me there!).) :p Thanks!
  2. i think i'll post info mid june and start in july? something like that. rules and requirements need to be revamped :yes:
  3. can't wait!

    i hope i can be part of it!
  4. I hope I will be able to join in the fun! :yes:
  5. Sounds fun! I love the roak idea.
  6. Great and thank you!!! Looking forward to it!
  7. The RAOK idea is GREAT. I hope I can be involved!!!
  8. right now, we WILL be having a membership length requirement, as well as a post count requirement (this is NOT meant to be hurtful towards any members, it is simply a way to hopefully ensure participation. and, when the time comes and you don't meet the requirements, please pm me. exceptions can always be made- i'm not that mean! :p)

    i'm currently looking through the other forums to see how their raok ended up- so we can hopefully learn from mistakes.

    it makes me happy that people are wanting to be involved!
  9. and may i add that if you're itching to send stuff out, get in touch with twinkle tinks 'sunshine committee' (info is in general discussion)- there are lots of people on tpf right now that could use a small pick me up and i'm sure it would make their day.
  10. And isn't there sometimes a need for someone to 'adopt' a buddy if their buddy doesn't send them any goodies? It's totally up to you, Kallison, but maybe those with low post count who want to participate can be available if someone doesn't get anything. I seriously hope that isn't an issue this time but there is always that possibility.
  11. that could work, too. but i know some people like it give, but want to receive too.

    i'll most certainly be filling in gaps, should anything go wrong.
  12. I'm so in (if I qualify).. I love buying gifts!!!
  13. I would e-mail Twinkle.Tink about the LV RAOK and see how that went, I know they had some issues, but she helped get them resolved. Also, if you need any help with anything, let me know!
  14. i've already talked to her about it. apparently the person who organized it disappeared. or something.
  15. I hope I can play this round...I know my post count is low, but I've been around a while....:sweatdrop: I'll have to wait and see....