summer RAOK update!!!

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how do you want to do the summer raok??

  1. every month for three months (Jun, July 7 Aug) w/no limit

  2. only one month (AUG reveal) & $35 limit

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ok due to the recent demand for people to start shopping..........the list will close Monday May 28th.......if you haven't signed up yet..........HURRY UP!! ;o)

    Some other subforums are doing RAOK's too but they are doing a gift for each month of the summer, i.e. one gift in June, one in July and the final in August with no min amount or you guys want to do that or just keep it for one month w/the reveal in Aug and the limit of $35??? LMK soon!!

    please sign up here:
  2. I think the first is cool but it's a killer on postage rates especially for international people... I like accumulating a lot of little things and sending it at once!
  3. i voted the second option :]
  4. I vote a second option. I like having the time to shop for the gift(s) instead of rushing to get monthly gifts. The limit is just a guideline, so people can overspend if they want and don't have to wonder if they spend too little.
  5. Has Papillon received her gift yet from the last gift exchange?
  6. Ditto Qtiekiki and Jenn! Shipping would be killer and it wouldnt be fair if someone spent 10 bucks on their ss while the other one spends a fortune. I know the Coach Raok was doing the first one and from their previous ones, I saw how some received like a few bars of candy while another gets little Coach stuff. Didnt seem very balanced out.
  7. Oh yeah, thats right! Hopefully she has received her gift(s) Disney4us sent her an extra one for being patient!
  8. I voted 2nd month too. Then it's more meaningful taking our time to shop for that ss. I don't want it to feel like we have to rush to make that once a month thing.. i don't think it's fun that way either. my 2cents
  9. Woo! I am so excited to start shopping!
  10. I agree. With postage rates what they are now (especially int'l, it's better to send one big package than several mini packages. :yes:
  11. yeah i vote for number 2 too lol ...the shipping rates are :nuts:
  12. Same with the second. I think if we have time to consider the gifts, it is much better. Especially since in reality we don't know much of each other, we need more time.
  13. Haha, I'm with the majority. IDK, I don't have that kinda money to be spending all the time for 3 months O__O I got bills to pay so a one-time thing is good for me lol.
  14. Yeah I voted the second option. I was like OMG I can't be spending money every month for 3 months on gifts .. lol. A little time to accumualte lots of gifts and then sending all at once is much better.

    speaking of gifts .. Casey loves her fruit arrangement! lol i would have said "yay" in the 'gift for Casey' thread but ... it's almost dinner time and i'm a lil lazy. but ... yay!!
  15. 2nd option!! If theres a gift for 3 months, it might be a rush to get the gifts within the month. Plus, you never know how long it might take for international ppl. With just one gift in August, we can take time to decide what to get and have stuff sent ahead of time :smile:
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