Summer Olympics - Rio - 2016

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  1. Is anyone watching the stories related to the olympics?
  2. Some athletes won't compete with zika looming, Russia possibly banned for doping, safety of participants, Brazil in recession, possible charging for air condition and so many more stories.
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  3. Who's watching the opening ceremonies?
  4. I'm in!
  5. I am watching the opening ceremonies and want to see the Carnival part but they are only on the letter E and it is past my bedtime!
  6. Despite all the struggles it was a great opening ceremony. I loved seeing all the smiles and excitement from the athletes

    USA, USA!!
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  7. The opening ceremony started at 9am where I live, but as I was at hairdresses so I only managed to watch the ending. From what I saw I thought it looked good! I'll have to catch up on the highlights later on this afternoon.
  8. I wasn't that impressed with the opening ceremonies but regardless I'll be watching and cheering on TEAM CANADA!!!
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  9. I really enjoyed the opening ceremonies. I think the host countries put on display their message - Australia was so moving in its acknowledgement of its treatment of the aboriginal population, Athens is the birthplace, bejing was the big show letting the world truly know china is a super power. London explored the grand history and Russia did the same, but acknowledging it's periods of isolation. I feel like Rio was not out to impress the world with flashing shiny baubles. It was message, especially given the vast biodiversity in the country, but with the sense that the games have taken a toll on the country both economically, socially and environmentally. It would have been disingenuous to be a complete and utter spectacle given the situation. I would always prefer to have my emotions wowed that than my eyeballs.

    That being said, holy moly - Giselle looked unbelievable. I'm so used to her being obnoxious in her parenting suggestions and her tweets about her husband's teammates and her disgust of towns where you can't build a helipad. It was refreshing to see a truly genuine smile and joyful (albeit a little off rhythm) dancing!
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  10. My husband asked me what is wrong with me when I fell asleep on the couch watching - he informed me that we do actually have a DVR. But it's not the same, I told him. For whatever reason, the summer games are so much more fun to see - I'll DVR the winter games but summer is pure joy
  11. Just turned on the games and heard the star spangled banner - congrats to Ginny Thrasher with the upset and giving the USA its first gold!
  12. All I got from the opening ceremonies is this: Giselle was killin that walk!!! legs for days! she looked AMAZING!!!
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  13. As a native carioca, I was super surprised to have loved and really been moved by the opening ceremonies. And most of my Brasilian famiiy and friends all felt the same. It had been a long time since we all felt proud of our country. No one was excited about the Olympics. I think we all had such low expectations and there has been such negativity around all of this that it was almost like a big huge relief that everything went off well and was generally beautiful and well done.

    That said, it felt like an insiders' celebration to me, like you had to be in the know for it to be truly special. Which is not a criticism, just a natural consequence of Brasil not being a country of much worldwide reach, culturally-speaking. Like when you have Daniel Craig jumping out of a helicopter the whole word knows who he is and thinks its awesome. The significance of Muhammad Ali lighting the torch is something that resonates internationally. But most of the super meaningful people involved in the ceremonies last night are strangers to the world. There was so much poignant symbolism to all the musical choices, so many "oh wow!" moments that weren't universal, and that on NBC at least they didn't bother to explain or touch on even. They didn't translate most of what was said in Portuguese, they didn't even introduce the interim president when he stood to declare the games open or explain why half the stadium was booing him. Considering they were doing it on a time delay and could have prepared this stuff. That felt like a sloppy omission to me.

    But overall it was really great and something that was sorely needed as a big unifier for our country. It will be interesting to see for how many days the euphoric feelings created by the successful opening ceremonies can last.
  14. Mundodabolsa you should be proud, your country did a wonderful job. I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony as well as the
    insight into the culture.❤️
  15. I agree. I wondered why there was so little commentary sometimes. Why were they booing him?