Summer of LoVe, time to start spreading the LoVe!

  1. ~*~ MOD, can this please be stickied? ~*~

    It is time to get the LoVe scarf on her way!

    Rules and Details:

    The scarf will be traveling around the world! It will be starting in the US, going to well established, well known members. Then on to the rest of world. She will finish up with one last round around the US, to give those who are newer a chance to establish themselves.

    1. LoVe will stay with each participant for 1 week.

    2. You must post at least 1 photo in this thread of LoVe's travels with you (which will become LoVe's Journal), you don't need to be in the picture, but can be if you want. A commentary of her travels should accompany the photos. See the Hermes thread if you have any questions on how this should be done :smile:

    3. You must ship the LoVe to the next participant, with signature required. Nothing sadder than lost LoVe.

    4. If LoVe becomes soiled while with you, please dry clean her before sending her on.

    5. Not required, but it would be lovely if LoVe would send home a postcard or souvineer (matchbook, ticket stub, etc) while she is with you, so I can put together a scrapbook of her travels.

    Please e-mail me, if you would like to participate. Please send me your TPF name, real name, address and if some dates don't work well for you, or there are dates that work well for you. I probably won't be able to accommodate every request, but will do my best.

    Let's start the LoVe Fest :heart: !
  2. How fun! Thanks for organize this Tink! :yahoo:
  3. Oh how cute~! Tink, you have the best ideas, and thanks so much for organizing this!
  4. Emailed you!
  5. Too cute of an idea Mary! I'll be emailing you soon!
  6. Mary, I think i've already emailed you!
  7. Aww.. what a cute idea ! :yes:
  8. I can't wait, WOOOOO HOOO:yahoo:
  9. Email has been sent to you... thanks for doing this .. its going to be interesting to see where the scarf goes :smile:

  10. I am getting your e-mails ladies....I will give everyone a bit to e-mail, then I will make the schedule :smile:
  11. Cool idea, Mary! I would LOVE to participate!

    I have a new Address refill that came with my Pocket Agenda refill that I don't use.... perhaps when and if I receive the scarf, I will also send off the address book so we can all sign our names and PF names on it? :shrugs:
  12. I will send you an email once Yahoo! quit being stupid. Great idea BTW. Love how you spread you warm-heartedess all over the forum.
  13. Thanks so much for doing this! This is going to be so fun!
  14. Oh, that would be great!
  15. Yahoo was being weird for me earlier too.