Summer Muse

  1. Hello Lovely Bag Addicts!

    This is my first offical thread! :yahoo: Anyway, I am dying for a Muse but would like something I could wear from early spring though the summer. I actually really like the white, however, living in Asheville, North Carolina there is no oppertunity to actually "see" the bags in person. Can someone steer me in the right direction, colors, options ect.

    I would appreciate it so very much! Thank you all!
  2. Do a search in the YSL threads. Many people have pics of the various colors....some even wearing and modeling the bags.

    Good luck, and welcome to tPF!
  3. Hello...and welcome!

    I just ordered the oversized Muse in the is more of a winter, you can use it all year...however, I am planning to just use it mainly for Spring and Summer....I think it will be a great bag!! There are some pictures of celebs carrying the bag...especially the white...Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Sienna Miller, etc....take a look at some of the pictures on the various YSL helped me to decide that I had to have it....good luck with your decision...I do not have a store closest Saks and Neiman don't display the YSL bags, I called the Saks in San Fran...they are shipping it to me...
  4. Hi - I just joined this forum and wanted to see where I can get a Ivory large muse? I've looked online at Saks, Barneys, and Nieman and none of them had the ivory...

  5. Call around to Saks and Neiman in the larger cities...also, call one of the boutiques...they will ship it to you...I just had one sent from the Saks in San Fran