Summer Markdown at eLux

  1. [​IMG]

    They've got a whole lot of brands on sale, check it out.

  2. Yes sir!!!!!! I need to start buying mom's birthday present.
  3. Yes sir!!! I need to start buying mom's birthday present!

  4. Thanks so much Vlad!
    If only they shipped to Canada!
    Such a nice range of bags.
    Oh well - hopefully I'll be able to buy my Kooba one day soon!
  5. Thank you so much for the heads up but I cannot shop online because they do not ship to Canada... hmmm.. I am going to LA in a week maybe I'll send the items to my friend's place!
  6. Ooh love that Kooba Chiara!!:love:
    Just bought it! :graucho: :angel:
  7. Thanks for the tip- this could be dangerous....
  8. Although they have added some new items to the sale, the prices for the previously on sale items are still the same. For example, the Donna Karan Bryant bag is $595. That's how much I paid for it on sale back in February! You would think they would mark it down some more if they want to get rid of it. As wonderfully supple and well-made as Donna Karan bags are, the can't seem to sell them. Donna Karan just isn't in high demand.
  9. oh vlad... i wish my husband were like you.... have the initiative to check out sales....
    thanks for the info....
  10. Eeeeek!!! Must try to resist....Kooba....OMG....ok, I seriously need to sit on my hands and disconnect the internet. I'm going to go crazy...:nuts: