Summer jackets- I don't get it!


Do you wear jackets in the summer?

  1. A lot

  2. some

  3. rarely

  4. never

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  1. Let me star this thread off by saying that I love jackets and coats- they seem to be able to instantly make you look put together and chic. But so many designers are putting out jackets in the summer- and while I want to buy them oh so bad! :cry: But I have been cursed with with very "active" sweat glands, and in the summer where it can reach 100 degrees, I'd die in a jacket! Just the phrase "summer jacket" seems to be an oxymoron. So my question is: what is your stance on summer jackets?
  2. rarely, i get too hot!!
  3. Depends on the weather.

    I don't usually wear a jacket during the day unless I'm indoors in a heavily airconditioned building.

    For evening though I may wear a jacket or bring a wrap.
  4. I think they're needed over here in England because no matter whether it's summer or winter there's always a good chance of a rainy/cloudy day. On a really hot day however I don't tend to wear a jacket, but it's always nice to have one to put on when you're going out on a summers evening and it's slightly cooler.
  5. Yeah, jackets are mostly useless during the daytime in the summer, but they're essential on most evenings when it gets chilly. I also wear "summer" jackets during the cool spring and fall weeks before a heavier coat is necessary.
  6. the summers on the oregon coast are really rarely gets above 75 degrees here (although this summer is looking to be a scorcher...) i am ridiculously cold blooded and wear hoodies and coats even when it's 80 degrees out. then there's air conditioning and cold cold evenings, so summer jackets are a lifesaver. :smile:
  7. I wear a light jacket at least because I work in the office and it's always cold in here
  8. I find most indoor places keep the AC waaaaaay too cold so I wear jackets in the summer quite a bit.
  9. I live in the same region as ValleyOppressed and it really is way too hot for a jacket in the summer. The problem is, if you go to the mall, theater, restaurant, etc. the air conditioning is always cranked up so high that you freeze without one. I've finally learned to always bring a sweater or jacket along so I'm comfortable indoors.
  10. Here in NORCAL (Bay area) it is chilly (not to mention windy) in the city and by the airport most days-- jackets are a must!! Today I'm wearing a leather jacket and I was still cold when I went to lunch!
  11. I do wear jackets in the summer - I am very sensitive to temperatures, and many places have the air conditioning piping out so hard that I find it to be VERY cold indoors.

    For this reason, I often carry a summer-jacket with me everywhere I go to wear when I am inside.

    last July in Las Vegas it was 120 degrees at 6pm at night - but inside the casinos, clubs, shops, it was freezing. I was wearing jeans the whole wknd due to this - I would walk outside and feel like I was standing in front of a bus, but, inside I was comfortable.
  12. It gets cold where I live, even in the summer. So a jacket is a good idea.
  13. Actually, what I wear the most are cardigans... or whatever they're called.
  14. I need a jacket with me most of the time in San Francisco, just in case...the nites here gets cooooold.

    And like everyone else said, even when it's warm outside, the A/C at work is always cold, so I can always bring it to work and wear it. ;)

    I :heart: coats too!
  15. It's quite cold where I sit at work so I need to wear them.