Summer is winding down! What I did on my summer vacation:

  1. Summer is on the wind down, kids are getting ready to go back to school and are starting to think about the question that you'll be asked about 100 times on your first day back at school:

    So, what did you do over summer vacation?

    I thought it'd be fun for us to go back a few years back to when we were in school and share what we did over this summer vacation :smile:

    Here's mine:

    I didn't do too much this summer. I finished classes in July and graduated from the required courses that are required for international students to take before entering university. Our summer was quiet overall. Bart was gone a few times for business, but overall he was home.

    We went to the North Sea for a week between 11 August and 18. We had an okay time, even though the weather stunk most of the time. Lots of rain & wind. Yuck. :yucky:

    I got accepted into the University I wanted, so I will be starting there on October 1. Registration is from 10-14 of September, so I've got a few things to do before school starts.

    We are likely going to be taking another minication before classes start for me, but we aren't really sure where yet. Italy? Staying in Bavaria? Austria? Dunno! We will have to see!
  2. Mines not that interesting really:

    -Holiday in Menorca was really lovely.

    -Decorated my bedroom.

    -Had a few good day trips out in this country.

    -Stayed with my Grandparents for a week. :sleepy:

    -Had lots of time catching up with people.

    -Got a shout-out on the radio.

    - Now waiting for my bro's exam results next week. He's had 12 weeks school holiday!!! I get 6 which still isn't too bad.
  3. Great thread, Lamiastella. Congrats on getting into the University.

    I didn't do much this summer because it's my busiest time at work. I did go to Nantucket for a few days and I am going to Vegas in September. Can't wait for that!!
  4. i started the summer with exams then had a nice relaxing holiday in majorca.
    the middle of the summer was bad, i had 2 deaths n the family and i was really close to them both.
    i have a christaning to go to next wekend and then im going to florida for SOs birthdy before i go back to university in october.

    this has been my last long summer off before i enter the real world of work and its pretty much been bad. its raned all summer and its so cold iv had to put the central heating on in august!!!!!!!!
  5. I went to vegas once a month (all the way still through october).

    Other than that, I worked for the "man" all summer long, my vaca is next week when I leave for niagara falls.

    These are the times when i miss being a teacher :crybaby:
  6. Lets see... spent 6 weeks touring Europe on my post-college grad trip. Was fabulous, I miss the pastry shops and morning walks so much! Since I've been back, it's been job hunting central. Interviews, emails, craigslist has become my new best friend. Oi!