summer handbags?

  1. what seems to be a popular color/style for handbags this summer? i am looking around for a new summer handbag and was wondering what i should be looking for. :smile: thanks!
  2. i love the LV Damier Azur speedy :love:
  3. Bold colors! I think red and of course white..lots of apple green too.
  4. I LVOE green for the summer. green and white!
    baby blue, pink and prints are so overdone.
    the new sailor red and blue and white stuff just turns me off.
    green and white!
    or....damier THAT is blue and white done right!
  5. Fun, bright colors :smile:
  6. Damier Azur will be perfect for this summer, I also love straw bags with bamboo handles in smart colours.
    I have one in green and I love it, I feel like on holiday in Capri in the 60's.
  7. Damier Azur. Not sure yet as far as any other bags go...
  8. I have a LV Multicolor Alma that I love for summer ... and I just bought a White Balenciaga City that I can't wait to use!

    I think the new Grass Green color Balenciaga has would be a FUN summer color ... not sure I could pull it off myself, tho ...
  9. Didn't Neiman Marcus do an entire catalog of cruise/spring/summer wear with the apple green theme? So that may be seen a lot.
  10. Red is the color! I have my eye out for red styles right now....:sneaky:
    I too would love to know of any suggestions!
  11. All the dept stores like Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, etc. are featuring spring/summer bags on their .com websites. I personally love the straw and fabric or leather combo bags for summer.
  12. All bold colours are goint to be hot this year. I'll use my 05 turquoise city, rouge vif work and my 05 magenta first as my summer bag with my white cloths.
  13. I am not sure how 'in' these colours are this year but I am such a fan of metallics for summer.... always of course white, pastel colours
  14. I'm not a pastel girl, for summer I love bright, bold colors. Hayden Harnett has a great color called coral (now they call it poppy), got a bag in that color last spring, loved it. I can't wait to use it again.
  15. I usually do LV but I bought 2 guccis for summer. One is the new britt medium hobo in ebony/ivory which will go with everything. THe other is a soft pink/white guccie satchel.

    Good luck