Summer fun brings bag dilemas...HELP!

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Which bag do I get?

  1. Damier speedy 25

  2. Damier speedy 30

  3. Mini noe monogram + cherries pochette

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  1. So I was getting ready for a cookout the other day (and there are many more planned for this summer) and I just couldn't find the right bag to wear. I get really nervous with my bags, especially when there will be people drinking or if water is nearby, and in Michigan every cookout involves a boat because in 2 months it will be under 8 feet of snow...anyways, all of my bags have vach, are too big, or too delicate for these things, and for going out on the town.
    SO I want a damier speedy, because they are darned cute and durable, but I cant decide on a size 25 or 30. I would like the 30 for daily things and I think the size is stylish, however I like the 25 for going out and its not in the way and im pretty small so the size doesnt look out of place. Do any size 30 folks carry yours to like a bar or to dinner? Is it rude to carry a big bag to these places?
    ALSO, my friend has offered up her mini noe AND cherries pochette, as a package deal for about half the cost of a speedy....but funds are limited right now, and now im really confused!

    Which bag should I get at this time?
  2. U seem to baby your bag a lot like me. I would say get the damier ebene speedy 30. It's worry free and it's a great size. I'm 5'2" and when I try on the's way too small imo. Good luck. ;)
  3. Damier Speedy 30. It's a great size for everything.
  4. I would pass on your friend's bags. Buy what you need, which is a bag you don't have to baby.
  5. the damier speedy 30 is such a classic. I used to have the cherries pochette but sold it one year after it came out. I kind of felt too old for it (at that time I was 25 lol). My friend has the damier 30 it looks stunning on her and she carries it all the time!
  6. Speedy 30
  7. I may be biased, but Speedy 30. It's my one and only LV, and it's totally worry-free! I sometimes feel like a big-bag lady (I'm 5'6" and 122 lbs), since I have a full-out shaper & organizer in mine that helps it keep it's shape 24/7, but I love her! She's a great size and can carry a lot. When I stuff her and pull stuff out, I feel like Mary Poppins - a very stylish Mary Poppins.
  8. speedy 30
  9. I'd recommend the 30. It's a good size for daily use, but I don't think it is too big for going out either. I use my Speedy 35 (Azur and Watercolor) for going out too sometimes, so I think 30 would be fine too.
  10. 30 is always perfect
  11. speedy 30 is the best way to go! if you go for the smaller size, sometimes you tend to regret not getting the bigger size..... don't go for the mini-noe & cerises pochette because i'm pretty sure you'd be much happier with quality than quantity if you know what i mean. :]
  12. 30 or 25 would both be suitable but 30 will be easier access to ur things and more convienent overall.
  13. It's definitely not rude to bring big bags out for dinner and drinks!
    30 is very versatile, 25 is more of a night time bag.. Get what you feel more comfortable wearing!
  14. speedy 30
  15. speedy 30, and carry it everywhere, anytime!