Summer Fragrance?

  1. Hello ladies~

    I'd like to buy a new perfume for summer, something light and fresh, but would prefer something that's not floral or too sugary sweet. Would any of you happen to have some suggestions?

  2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue?

    Michael Kors Island?

    Marc Jacobs Splash Orange

    OH!! and Bath and Body Works makes EDT versions of their body splashes- those are light and only about $17!
  3. I just received a sample from Sephora for Escada Sunset Heat (I think that's what it's called). I plan to use it for a summer fragrance although Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker is one I use year round. To me it knows no seasons.
  4. Hermes Jardin Sur Nil --- Green Mangoes, herbal
    Creed Virgin Island Water -- Tropical, lime, coconut, ginger
    Hermes Jardin Mediterannee --- Cedar, lavender, light woodsy herbal
    Jo Malone Lime Blossom --- Citrus
  5. I'm wearing Creed Virgin Island Water though it may be too sweet for you so try my other Creed favorite Love In White.
  6. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue!
  7. I actually like the Sarah Jessica Parker "Lovely".
  8. Anything from Jo Malone! :biggrin:
  9. I'm liking Hanae Mori these days, but I just tried a sample of Chanel Chance and am liking that one too. Pure floral scents tend to go sweet on me after a while, and end up very cloying, so I do better with the floral/woodsy or floral/spice blends.

    Also like the original Marc Jacobs, it's a bit tropical without being sweet, and of all things, Bobbi Brown's original scent.
  10. Michael Kors!

    And in reference to Bath and Body... they just came out with a new fragrance called Wild Honeysuckle, its my new favorite!

    *edit* But I just realized you don't want anything too floral.. hahah
  11. Hi, may I suggest you take a look at this? Thanks.


    Etsy :: Gudonya Skintastic (tm) Roll-On Perfume - Choose Two - ANY Gudonya fragrances listed - vegan

    Lots of fragrances to choose from, including this:

    "COOL CITRUS BASIL (Wonderfully unisex, this is a fresh citrus ozone with the slightest whispers of florals, accompanied by a bottom layer of aldehydes. If you like fresh "spa" type scents, and especially those that lean toward the citrus side of the moon, this one is for you. One of the freshest scents we've tested!)"

    And this:

    "SPA FUSION (Seriously, this is the best scent we have tested when it comes to a fresh, green, revitalizing spa scent! This exceptional fragrance sports
    cooling greens, invigorating ginger and thirst-quenching melons. Close your eyes and let the aroma whisk you away....)"

    Or this:
    "OLIVE BLOSSOM (This perfectly light spa scent is clean and subtle, smelling nourishing and fresh. Top notes of neroli, bergamot, orange and mandarin meld with an herbal bouquet with a heart of thyme. An astringent drydown of myrrh, grasses and woods bring this luscious synthesis together. If you find yourself drawn to lighter aromas, you'll want to add this one to your collection! Don't let your mind onfuse "light" with "faint". As with all of the fragrances you'll find at Gudonya, this one's staying power is absolute!)"
  12. I second either Escada Sunset Heat or D&G light blue.
    I have them both.
  13. child perfume.
  14. Jo Malone -- use both her Lime Blossom with Orange Blossom or the lemon one...