Summer Canvas City Shorts

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  1. $298. Really? There must be something magical about these like my rear end permanently shrinks down two sizes or they transfer some type of superpower that allows me to clean my entire house in under an hour.:lol:

  2. No, it's called Coach becoming a Lifestyle brand. I refuse to spend my money that way.
  3. Wow, I've just looked at their clothing. I can't tell what demographic they are marketing to. A lot of the items look dumpy on the models. JMHO.
  4. How about the cotton tee for $198! That's insane!!!
  5. Not happening.
  6. Some of those pieces are downright unflattering. No thank you.

  7. It is insane EVEN IF you win the Powerball!!!
  8. Totally agree. The designs don't seem to warrant the price tag for a lot of the clothes. I think there's a huge discrepancy between the audience Coach wants and the audience Coach has. It's frustrating to see them continue to alienate their clientele to attract a new one.
  9. I think they do coats well, and there might be a market for some of the other leather items since leather is their forte. Generally when designers offer basic items like tee shirts it is only because they coordinate with something else they offer. What is missing from Coach's clothing line are coordinated outfits.
  10. I thought Kanye West was bad with his $120 plain white tee.

    I have to admit, Coach has some cute trenches in their outerwear section, but most of them I could only see myself paying $200-$250 max depending on materials. Also, what's up with the sizing? Only XS through L? What about all the fabulous plus sized ladies out there?
  11. The shorts are adorable.... but $298?! There's a yard of fabric there.... I could make those for you!
  12. Don't cha know, the plus size is not the customer Coach is catering too. Read, I guess our business isn't wanted.

  13. LOL. Please do since I am spending money on bags! I have paid more than I should have for Lilly Pulitzer shorts, but other than that, I'm out! I wish I had someplace to go this summer that justified $300 shorts! Since Monaco is out this year...

  14. Yup. I am an easy sell when things are coordinated like Grranimals!

  15. I am not sure who they are marketing to! Oprah? Paris Hilton? I am not sure anyone's business is wanted! But for $300, do you want them to be available in plus size? Would you buy them?

    I should not be judgmental. Perhaps someone wants these shorts badly.