Summer Blu - Everything Must Go! 70% Off All Items


    70% off all ITEMS!!!
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  2. I just wanted to add that I used to love shopping from this site. I'm very sad to see them close, but that being said...

    I just ordered a Goldenbleu Ainsley bag for only ~$140 shipped :shocked: :yahoo:
  3. According to their website they have no handbags...:sad:
  4. ^ :confused1:

    Did you do a search or did you look through all the brands individually? had to look at everything on the whole site to find it, because only one bag came up when I ran a search. They might be sold out though. It seems like they only have 1-2 of everything that's left :shrugs:
  5. Thanks.. got some Hudson jeans for $49.50 shipped!
  6. damn, first adasa, now this.

    i love a great deal just as much as the next person, but i'm starting to get depressed seeing so many sales bc of our economy =/

    but....... CHEAP STUFF YAY! lol
  7. BAH it looks all picked over :sad:
  8. thank. i'm checking t out. hope i get something.
  9. Just wondering....

    Did anyone else place an order and if so has it shipped? :s
  10. Placed an order, was charged but no email confirming shipping or anything.. beginning to wonder....
  11. I was charged too and haven't received any confirmation/shipping email. I tried emailing CS yesterday to possibly cancel my order if it wasn't shipped out yet, but I haven't heard anything yet. I hope we weren't scammed...
  12. Same here. That's why I asked. They emailed a receipt and a confirmation and then I didn't hear anything. I emailed CS a few days ago and got an automated response saying "All orders will be prepared for shipment this week and should be received by next week."

    I'm not worried that we got scammed... I've ordered from Summer Blu in the past and they've been wonderful. I always received my orders in <4 days. I'm hoping they're just overwhelmed and maybe understaffed. I just hope they've been setting aside merchandise as orders come in. If I'm not going to get my bag I want to know!!!! :sad:
  13. UPDATE: my Goldenbleu shipped and should be here by wednesday :yahoo:

    Ladies- if you haven't heard from them yet, check your email. They've just been REALLY busy, but the orders are shipping :tup:
  14. everything is gone haha missed this
  15. just got shipping confirmation...hopefully i like what i got b/c no returns, right?