Summer Blu - 50% close out sale

  1. 50% off all ITEMS!!!
    Enter promo code: MUSTGO

    They had a lot more items but I couldn't post the sale due to TPF maintenance. They had Andrea Brueckner large satchel in black which is now sold out. But there are still many good items left. e.g. Gustto large Setela. EVERYTHING is 50% off. Good luck!
  2. wow...thanks!
  3. just want to put in a word of caution that while the prices of these bags are great, their customer service is not the greatest. i've ordered a gustto baca from them and did not receive the package for over two weeks. i called and left voice messages numerous times and no one had ever picked up my calls or call me back. when i finally received my baca bag, the leather on it was wrinkly, pimply, and just plain yucky (refer to my earlier posts). i asked for an exchange, and through numerous emails and phone calls, finally got to communicate with the people at summer blu and had them agree to the exchange. however, when i opened the package that was supposed to be an exchange for my defective baca, guess what? IT WAS THE SAME EXACT BAG THAT I HAD BEFORE! i knew because i purposely put an item of mine in the inside pocket, and the bag arrived with that item inside...i was so fed up and stressed over dealing with them that i just decided to settle for the pimply and wrinkly it sits quietly collecting dust in my closet..and i wonder why the store is closing..

    i am seriously not trying to defame summer blu, just want to give you guys the heads up so you won't have to go through what i went through
  4. That's awful... I am so sorry to hear about your defective baca. Perhaps that's why they are going out of business?