Summer Birkin


Which color is best for a summer Birkin?

  1. Raisin PH

  2. Rouge Garrance PH

  3. Chartreuse PH

  4. Potiron PH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'd like a 30cm Birkin, not white or blue jean, that brightens up my summer wardrobe. Here are the possibilities I can think of, all with PH:
    • raisin
    • rouge garrance
    • rouge h
    • blue brighton
    • vert anis
    • chartreuse
    • potiron
    FYI, I've got a 30cm Black Togo Birkin GH. Would the Raisin PH be too close to that? I've also got a 35cm Gold Togo Birkin GH and feel one Gold Birkin is enough for me.

    If I could get something that would work year-round in New England that would be, as Marthas says, a good thing. Am I forgetting some colors?
  2. Barenia/toile?
  3. What about rose dragee or rose shocking? I'm not too familiar with new England culture but I love those colors :smile:
  4. Millstream, have you seen Gris Tourterelle in Togo yet? I think it's a great summer bag :yes:. I am presuming that your summer clothes are more colourful, and a bright neutral would be a nice compliment, no?

    Anyway, of the 4 colours you have listed, I voted for Rouge Garance!
  5. Great idea, HG. I completely forgot about Toile!
  6. I wish they were, S! I tend to wear black, white, black and white, and natural linen. Soooo, I need some color in my bag.
  7. The brighton blue... it's so versatile.
  8. Rouge Garance.

    - Year Round wear.
    - Perfect for Summer with neutral White, Black, Khaki's and Jeans.
    - Very New England, in a Nautical Red kind of way.
    - It stands OUT!
    - Versatile
    - It's the perfect RED.
  9. Brighton blue or vert anis :nuts:
  10. For a purely summer Birkin, I vote for crinolin/barenia--unusual and light.
    For summer but versatile, I second Rose's vote for brighton blue.
  11. I agree with this! If you don't have an issue with the darkening handles of natural barenia, it is an excellent bag for summer!
  12. Of the choices I'd pick brighton - have you considered Thalassa blue?
  13. Milstream, I am having the same dilemma. I would like to find a summer-suitable bag. Of your choices, I think rouge garance is the most appealing and the one with the most staying power. I am not a red person myself, so for my summer search, I am gravitating toward natural or natural sable, although unfortunately I am not turning anything up in that color.
  14. I am loving my chartreuse. There are so many great colors.
  15. I love brighton blue, vert anis or barnia toile. Just adore those colors especially for summer!