Summer Beauty Treatments ??

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  1. What beauty treatment's do you have planned for yourself to prepare for the Summer ?

    Hair Highlights
    Hair Removel
    Sunless Tanning.
  2. sunless tanning!
  3. sunless tanning
  4. highlights
    great shoes
    one great, in-season, big bag for summer (these are like beauty treatments for me....!)
  5. sunless tanning, pedicures and waxing.
  6. Actual tanning ( by the pool, or at the beach).
    more frequent facial treatments to control extra oil.
  7. I'll definitely be doing the pedicure and sunless tanning thing. And this will be the first summer that I wear sunscreen on my face every day - I'm using a new moisturizer with SPF 15. Usually I'm so bad about sun protection, unless I'm actually lying on a beach. :unsure:
  8. hair trim
    actual tanning
    definitely pedicures
    and manicures
  9. Lots of sunscreen
    Drinking lots of water
    Don't spend much on beauty treatments -- prefer massages
  10. pedicures for sure! and maybe a haircut... (thats if it was summer over here)
  11. i always have highlights. does that count? i'll go shopping for sunscreen and cute floppy hats. i am a vampire. :biggrin: *maybe* a wax, but i can't find anyone i like, and that would be more for hubby, not for summer. :shame: :biggrin:

    i cut out most of my spa beauty pampering so i can save for expensive bags/jewelry. i figure skip a handful of $150 body wraps that only last an hour and i can have something i'll have for YEARS. :biggrin: i still ask for gift certificates for my birthday and holidays though. :biggrin:
  12. tanning! don't want to be pasty in a skirt :smile:
    pedicures!! for all those flip flop wearing days
    dying my hair with highlights
  13. Facial and haircut for me. I look after my own feet all winter,and they are cute and in perfect condition if I may say so myself:biggrin: .

    I am of mixed race and while I go very yellowy-pasty in winter,one day out and about sorts that for me,so I'm not too fussed.

    I have never had a manicure in my life. I am a doctor and talons would definitely get in my way...I keep them clipped short and clean and I NEVER paint my fingernails,though I paint my toe nails.
  14. Havent even decided yet! I am going to be looking like a hag until I get my birkin :lol:
  15. Waxing more often
    Showering with sugar or salt scrubs
    Home Facials every other day