Summer Beauty Treatments ??

I'll definitely be doing the pedicure and sunless tanning thing. And this will be the first summer that I wear sunscreen on my face every day - I'm using a new moisturizer with SPF 15. Usually I'm so bad about sun protection, unless I'm actually lying on a beach. :unsure:
i always have highlights. does that count? i'll go shopping for sunscreen and cute floppy hats. i am a vampire. :biggrin: *maybe* a wax, but i can't find anyone i like, and that would be more for hubby, not for summer. :shame: :biggrin:

i cut out most of my spa beauty pampering so i can save for expensive bags/jewelry. i figure skip a handful of $150 body wraps that only last an hour and i can have something i'll have for YEARS. :biggrin: i still ask for gift certificates for my birthday and holidays though. :biggrin:
Facial and haircut for me. I look after my own feet all winter,and they are cute and in perfect condition if I may say so myself:biggrin: .

I am of mixed race and while I go very yellowy-pasty in winter,one day out and about sorts that for me,so I'm not too fussed.

I have never had a manicure in my life. I am a doctor and talons would definitely get in my way...I keep them clipped short and clean and I NEVER paint my fingernails,though I paint my toe nails.